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This is a list of every recording Donna has ever made (that I know of so far), either as a lead or as a backing vocalist. Album tracks with an asterisk were released as A or B side singles. All recordings are credited to Donna Summer unless otherwise noted. Only relevant tracks are listed on soundtracks, various artist recordings, and recordings credited to other artists. Also, the record labels listed are for the American releases, unless otherwise noted. Oftentimes an album was put out on a different label for release in other countries.

Please note: these pages represent all the information I have. If there is no track listing for a particular album, then that means I don't know what tracks are on it. Likewise, if songwriters or record labels, etc are missing then I don't have that information either. If you can fill in some of the gaps, feel free to email me! :-)

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One more thing - there is a lot of information on the pages, so they may take time to load.

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(Donna Summer und Deutschland
Eine deutsche Musik-Biographíe und Diskographie)

I'm very happy to announce a brand new section for the website. It's Donna's German discography starting with Haare and going all the way up to A Whole New World. It was put together by a German fan named Wolfgang (grandillusion AT gmx  DOT de) who is just as crazy as the rest of us.  ;-) (That's high praise around here.)  Not only does he list all the albums, with the tracks, he's got the singles and the German chart positions. He even threw in photos of the covers. And if that's not enough, he starts the whole thing off with a very nice overview of Donna's career - written in both German and English. 

Ich bin sehr glücklich, einen besonderen Teil meiner Webseite ankündigen zu können. Es ist Donna’s deutsche Diskographie, die mit Haare beginnt und natürlich auch das neuste Album Crayons enthält. Sie wurde von einem deutschen Fan zusammengestellt, sein Name ist Wolfgang (grandillusion AT gmx DOT de). Er ist genauso verrückt wie der Rest von uns. ;-) (Das ist hier als großes Lob zu verstehen.) Er hat nicht nur alle Alben mit ihren Songs aufgelistet, sondern auch alle Singles und die deutschen Hitparaden-Platzierungen. Dazu gibt es noch die Photos der Cover. Und als wäre das nicht genug, das ganze beginnt mit einem sehr guten Überblick über Donna’s Karriere - geschrieben sowohl in Deutsch, als auch in Englisch. 

Wolfgang's Donna Summer Discography 2014 (PDF)

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Collector's Notes:

COLLECTOR'S NOTE: There are some places on the internet selling a "Donna Summer" CD called Red Hot. This is NOT a Donna Summer CD. It is actually a Diana Ross CD - and from what I've heard, not even a good Diana Ross CD at that. I don't know if the error is simply a mistake on the part of the vendor, or if the manufacturer actually put out copies of this CD with Donna's name on it. So buyer beware!!

COLLECTOR'S NOTE #2: Shout It Out - never has one collection of third rate tracks been released so many times!  LOL  For those of you who have never encountered this CD (or maybe I should say these CDs), it is a collection of tracks recorded back in the early 70s. Originally most of us just assumed that these were demo tracks that Donna recorded while she was still in Germany. Well, that's not the case. Ruud from the Endless Summer board did a little research and this is what he came up with:

When Donna finished doing musicals in the early 70's she joint a group called "The Veith Marvos Red Point Orchestra". This was a group of singers of all nationalities like "The Les Humpries singers", who were very popular back then and had many top 10 hits like "Mexico", "To my Fathers house" and "Old time religion" (Liz Mitchel - later the lead singer of BoneyM was a member of them). The VMRPO made only one album and that was re-released (and remixed) in 1983 called: "Donna Summer and friends". Later they released it as an album of Donna (1984 UK as "Shout it out" and Belgium as "I love to dance") And in 1987 they started to release it on CD. As far as I know there are about 32 different releases of the same CD (in 2 different versions, one "original" and one remixed) The original albums is from 1971 or 1972 (I'm not sure about that). (Essay by Ruud - taken from the Endless Summer forum.)

As Ruud said, there are 2 different versions of this album - an original version and then a remixed version that was updated to make it a bit more palatable to the 80s listeners. There's no real way to know which version of the CD you are buying until it's playing in your CD player, but the remixed songs are longer than the originals. The track lists and running times are as follows: 

NON-REMIXED VERSION Fun Street (5:12) Little Marie (2:57) Shout It Out (3:37) They Can't Take Away Our Music (6:27) Back Off Boogaloo (3:43) Jeannie (3:50) Nice To See You (3:35) Na Na Hey Hey (3:50) Do What Mother Do (4:05) Total time .... 37:16 

REMIXED VERSION Na Na Hey Hey (6:00) They Can't Take Away Our Music (6:11) Jeannie (5:09) Little Marie (6:10) Shout It Out (6:05) Fun Street (5:40) Back Off Boogaloo (5:31) Nice To See You (5:43) Do What Mother Do (5:51) Total time .... 52:20 

This collection of tracks has been released so many times under so many different titles that it is very easy to find on and off line. However, it's not really worth wasting your money on. But having said that, I know there are completists out there who will want to have it anyway. So my advice to you is to pay as little as possible, and try to find a version with a halfway decent cover picture. I've seen Shout It Out sell for a wide range of prices, but if you pay more than "bargain bin" prices for it, you are being ripped off.

COLLECTOR'S NOTE #3: There is a children's album out there called Circle Of Life. For some odd reason it sometimes gets listed as a Donna Summer album. I finally was able to track down some information about it, and it is NOT Donna related in any way shape or form. So don't waste your money.

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