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Last update: July 3, 2022

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[JUL 3]  Greetings all and happy Birthday to Canada and to the USA. Happy July to everyone else! Since it's a new month, you know it's time for a new Summer Fever Pick.  This month it's time to go blonde and celebrate Mistaken Identity.   ;-)

[JUL 3] Let's start off this week with an article celebrating the 45th anniversary of I Feel Love. (Yikes! I'm old!  LOL) The article is on The Quietus and features an interview with Pete Bellotte.  Far Out Magazine also has an article out celebrating the song, and so does

[JUL 3] Boston Globe finally has an article about Parker Hill Ave in Boston being renamed to Donna Summer Ave.  (I say "finally" because even the Globe admits that there have been a few things going on in the US and abroad that have dominated the news cycle.) They ended the article with the best line: "England has its queen. We had ours, and she lived on Donna Summer Ave."  :-)

[JUL 3] Just a little fun note - if you have been listening to the radio this weekend,  the various oldies stations that play Casey Kasem's American Top 40 have been running the countdown from June 30, 1979.  That was a good one - Donna was at #2 and #3 with Hot Stuff (down from #1) and Bad Girls (up from #5). Casey made a big deal out of the fact that the whole top 5 was female acts  AND that Donna had 2 songs in the top 3. (That was a new chart record - Donna was the only woman at that time with that distinction. Ans only a couple of men had pulled it off by then too.)  If you have SiriusXM you might be able to catch the show on demand on 70s on 7. (I have so many fond memories of lazing in bed on a Sunday morning listening to Casey on the radio counting down the hits.)

[JUL  3] Johnnyswim fans - you may remember that awhile back our favorite duo did an EP with Drew Holcomb called Goodbye Road. Well, they announced on Instagram that a Goodbye Road part 2 is now in the works.  So that is something to look forward to!

[JUL 3] I think that brings us to YouTube.  Since it's July 4, let's start off with this one: Freedom (The Power To Be Myself), and then we have another lost track, We're Gonna Win. This one isn't a lost track, but it speaks to me today - The Power Of One.  And another that speaks to me lately: Begin Again. And finally God Bless America.  No wait... all those I Feel Love articles? I HAVE to add an I Feel Love link here too.  LOL

[JUN 26] Happy Sunday all! This is a pretty  quiet week.  Either people are resting up from their big Donna party in Boston last week, or they are out protesting recent political events here in the US. (Google it if you don't know. I won't get into it here because politics almost always makes me cranky! And besides, this should be a happy place to escape reality for awhile.)

[JUN 26] So, in the land of Donna, Amazon is selling an "adult celebrity coloring book" of Donna. 40 pages for you to color!  But before you run over there to buy it, it's got only 2 reviews and both are bad.  LOL If the cover is anything to go by, you could just  turn your favorite photos of Donna into "drawings" in Photoshop or a similar program and then color those to your heart's content. (It's not overly hard to do - there are probably a million YouTube videos showing you how it's done.) Actually I just checked the pictures posted with one of the reviews...  The 1 star reviews do now do the awfulness justice!  LOL  Seriously - if you want to color, make your own pages.  LOL Oh and in the interest of full disclosure - my Amazon link is a paid one. But I will be really disappointed if I actually make any money from that link!   LOL Check it out for laughs only.

[JUN 26] For something more fun,  an article from last year has been a recent topic on the forums. It's an article on examining Donna's vocal range. I can tell you Donna had an awesome voice. This article will explain with all the appropriate technical terms exactly why Donna's voice was amazing.  Music nerds will love it.  :-)  (And when I say nerd - I mean it as a term of endearment.  I myself am a proud nerd in many different categories.  LOL)

[JUN 26] And that brings us to YouTube.  Let's see, I just stumbled upon this extended clip of Donna performing  with the Nashville Chamber Orchestra. This is the same show that gave us the symphonic version of I Will Live For Love.  This clip is about 15 minutes of pieces of that show, including parts of some hits, an extended Amazing Grace, and of course I Will Live For Love.  From there  dive into a YouTube free fall to Donna's performance of Superstar at the Hollywood Bowl, and then her cover of Nature Boy also at the Hollywood Bowl. Next YouTube suggested a Photoshop video, but we'll skip that and go to Anyway At All performed on Jay Leno's Tonight Show. Then we have Donna on American Idol's 2008 finale, and MacArthur Park from a 2004 episode of American Idol.  And then just because I like it, Donna and Barry having to much fin with Could It Be Magic.  :-)

[JUN 26] Oh and  just a heads up on the next few site updates. I think next weekend will probably be on time even though it's a holiday weekend here (and my Dad's birthday - Happy 82nd Dad!) But then the following weekend I am going on vacation with friends so if I don't do an update early (we'll see how much news there is)  then the weekend of the 10th will be skipped and you will see something sometime the following weekend - or right after the weekend. So if you don't see me on the regular schedule - don't freak out!  :-)  (And if any house robbers are reading this - my house will not be empty while I'm away. I have other family members staying home to guard my Donna treasures!  Plus my attack cat who will definitely shed all over you! LOL)

[JUN 19] Greetings all! Happy Father's day to all the dads out there!  And Happy Juneteenth to my American friends!

[JUN 19]  Let's start with the bad news first for Johnnyswim fans. A couple of members of the touring team have come down with COVID. So... Boston and New Haven have been rescheduled.  Boston will now be on October 1 and New Haven will be October 2.  Tickets that were previously purchased will be honored for the new dates,  but of course if you can't make the new dates for any reason, contact your original point of purchase for a refund.  Speedy recovery to all those affected!

[JUN 19] Before COVID struck, Johnnyswim preformed Devastating on Good Morning America this past Thursday. You can watch it  on the GMA website.

[JUN 19] In the land of Donna Summer, has posted a 10 question Donna Summer quiz. It's good - not too easy and not too hard. And after you do that one, they have a couple of other Donna quiz/games linked on the same page. (Give them a shot - the lyric ones use some deep cuts so they can be challenging.)

[JUN 19] In the Donna is everywhere category, The NY Post published an article about Nile Rodgers in which he shares a few stories about songs her worked on.  He also tells a story about hearing Donna's recording of Love To Love You for the first time. Also, in this category, a recent episode of the TV Show First Lady has Betty Ford crashing a pool party where she gets wasted while jamming to Last Dance.

[JUN 19] And now the news you were expecting - Donna Summer Day in Boston! That was this past Thursday and it looks like a great time was had by all!  There were many highlights - Donna's sisters were there (more on that in a second), various other family members were there including O'Mega Red and Taihisha, lots of fans were there...  There was dance music playing all evening long, people dancing, AND Parker Hill Avenue, the street Donna grew up on, became Donna Summer Avenue! That is so cool! Bruce posted a photo on Facebook  of the surviving Gaines girls holding up the street sign. I would challenge you to name the sisters, but since they are all labeled in the picture, it wouldn't be much of a challenge.  LOL

[JUN 19] As I said, the Gaines girls were all there for the party, and Mary performed.  You can see a video of Last Dance, a video of MacArthur Park, a video of On The Radio, and a video of No More Tears on YouTube, and there are other videos on Facebook.  This is where it gets tricky - lots of people posted things and I am going to try to link a few here that are (currently) listed as public as opposed to videos restricted to people on the friends list.  So, Taihisha shared  short clips of On The Radio (and part 2 here),  and a clip of  No More Tears, plus some photos. There are a ton of other clips online posted by fans and family  - BUT in many cases you needs to be friends with the posters. Mary posted a couple of videos herself, and if you are in her group, a couple of fans posted things there. (Actually if you are in that group - look for a long live video posted by Gina. It has O'Mega Red performing and Mary's whole set.) Linda posted some stuff on her wall, and so did Dara - so if you are friends with either one, check out their feeds.  And moving off of Facebook, WGBH radio posted a few photos on their website, and News7 Boston posted a short article.

[JUN 19] Boston Magazine's contribution to  the Donna Summer festivities is this article answering the question, "What is the greatest Boston summer jam of all time?" The author (who is definitely one of us! ) picked the ENTIRE Live & More album. (The original 1978 one, just in case there is any confusion.)  He also mentions that his favorite  event in Boston is the Donna Summer Disco Party.  (Can I marry this guy?  LOL)

[JUN 19] So with that.. let's head over to YouTube and celebrate that very same Live & More album. First up, concert clips from the album, videos and photos, and a commercial for the album.  Then we have the 1979 concert from Japan - no, it's not the same as the album but it does have a number of the songs we got on Live & More plus the then new songs of Hot Stuff and Bad Girls.

[JUN 12] Happy Sunday all!  Let's start off this week with a Billboard article listing the top 34 disco songs of all time - as selected by Giorgio Moroder.  It's pretty solid list, but I notice that the top 6 all seem to have one thing in common... I wonder what that could be?  ;-)  (Spoiler alert - the top 6 are all Donna songs.)

[JUN 12]  Hey Boston - don't forget that you have the annual Donna Summer Disco Party on Thursday (June 16)!  Mary will perform, O'Mega Red will be there, and so will other members of Donna's family.  Go check it out - it's a free event!

[JUN 12] posted an article about Donna and Bruce.  Long time fans won't find anything new, but it's a fun read.

[JUN 12] Speaking of Bruce, he just posted a new song on Facebook this week. This one is Beautiful Love (and it is beautiful!) Long time Bruce viewers will note that he left the couch and moved to the piano this time.

[JUN 12] I think that brings us to YouTube. It's Tony Award night here in the US, so let's look at Donna and  musicals.  Let's start off in Germany where Donna did HairGodspell, and The Me Nobody Knows.  Then we have songs Donna wrote for her own musical projects:  My Life, If There Is Music There, No Ordinary Love Song, Begin Again (all from Ordinary Girl),  and I Will Live For Love (Dream-a-lot's Theme). And finally, 4 years ago this weekend we got to see these 3 divas perform Last Dance from Summer: The Donna Summer Musical.  (Fun facts - "Disco Donna" Ariana DeBose is this year's Tony host, "Diva Donna" Lachanze is nominated again this year for Lead actress in a play, and "Duckling Donna" Storm Lever is currently touring with Six The Musical. )

[JUN 5] Happy Pride Month all!  Let's start off with Johnnyswim this week. They have just announced a bunch of new tour dates.  So after they wrap up this outing on June 18, they start all over again on July 28 and run to the end of September. (Well, so far.  LOL) Check out the list, and if you are interested in attending any of the shows, get your tickets as soon as possible. Johnnyswim always sells out fast.

[JUN 5] Johnnyswim has also posted a couple of new videos on YouTube recently.  First is Heaven Is Everywhere (from their Live From The Backyard album preview),  and the other is Baby Take A Number (also from the Live In The Backyard album preview.)

[JUN 5] Bruce Sudano fans - check out his live video from Parker Playhouse of September In Your Eyes.

[JUN 5] In musical news, the 2022 North American tour of Summer: The Donna Summer Musical closes tonight in Portland, ME.  Happy trails to the company and thank  you for keeping the legacy alive!

[JUN 5] Boston - don't forget that you have the 8th annual Donna Summer Disco Party coming up on June 16 - less than 2 weeks away!  It will be at Copley Square from 6 to 9 PM. It is a free event and you will have DJ Vince 1 spinning the tunes, a special performance from Mary,  and of course appearances from O'Mega Red and other members of Donna's family.  If you are/will be in the area - go check it out!

[JUN 5] And that brings us to YouTube.  I feel like looking at the Billboard charts this week. Did you know, Donna had at least one (and lots of times more) dance hit in every decade from the 1970s to the 2010s? Let's look at a random hit from each decade. (Just  note - the video clips I pick may not be from the same year the songs were hits.) Looking at the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart, we start off with the 1970s with about a million tracks  LOL, but I will pick Hot Stuff/Bad Girls from 1979. (One cool thing about this chart is that sometimes more than one song gets counted as a single entry.)  Then for the 80s we have another long list of hits. I'll pick She Works Hard For The Money from 1983. The 90s have more than you might expect too.  I'll pick Love Is The Healer from 1999 just because I love it, but you know, I Feel Love also had a comeback in 1995.  For the 2000s I pick Fame The Game from 1999 (also because I love that one.  And for the 2010s, I pick To Paris With Love from 2010 because that was a new recording. Other hits from the 2010s were remixes - for obvious reasons.






Quote Of The Week:

[JUL 3]

"After she sang Silver Girl, she told the audience that she was very patriotic, "not because I think that America is perfect, but because we have the foundation that allows us to be the greatest nation in the world." She further said that "I love this country and I’m dedicated to making it better"."

--  Ken Allan quoting Donna in a 1986 concert in Ken's Korner, September 15, 2001

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