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Last update: March 29, 2020

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[MAR 29] Happy Sunday all!  Just a quick note for Pittsburgh before we get started - your dates for Summer: The Musical have been suspended. If you have tickets for those shows, contact your point of sale for more info.  Baltimore - your dates haven't been affected YET.  But I am thinking it will happen.  :-(

[MAR 29] As long as we are in rescheduling mode, let me move on to Bruce.  He was scheduled to perform in Baton Rouge with The Zombies on April 9. That date has been changed to October 11.  Tickets are on sale now, but if you already have tickets to the April 9 date, they WILL be honored for the new date.

[MAR 29] And continuing with Bruce news, he did an interview with in which he talks about a number of things - including his new single The Mountain. He also posted a brief clip on Facebook from his couch  to inspire everyone in these weird times we are living in now.

[MAR 29] Now on to the Diva herself.....  :-) The big news for the week is that the Encore boxset is out!  And many of us in the US who ordered from the UK actually already got our sets in the mail already!  (Usually, the overseas shipping means we have to wait a few extra days for something to arrive.)  SuperDeluxeEdition posted an unboxing video for those who want to see it.  Now before I go any further, if you have your boxset already (and haven't already done so), drop everything and  take every single CD out of its sleeve and look at it. My set is fine, but one fan found that one of his sleeves had a piece of plastic  in it instead of a CD.  It's going to take a long time to actually listen to all the CDS, but at least take time to make a quick visual inspection so if there is an issue you can get it resolved quickly.

Now, on to my impressions.  First of all, the box is the same size as a vinyl record sleeve - only considerably thicker of course!  LOL  And it's pretty heavy.  :-) It's also a really sturdy box (not to mention good looking), so it will keep the contents nice and safe. When you open it up, the first thing you see is a gorgeous hardcover book that has a foreword by Giorgio Moroder, pages for each album with the covers and credits for each, a HUGE retrospective written by Christian John Wikane, quotes from various people about Donna, and of course comments from Bruce at the end. Then you have the CDs - stacks of CDS! Each album in a sleeve that looks as close to the original LP artwork as possible.  (Which means that Bad Girls no longer says "Over 70 minutes of music" across the album cover!  LOL)  And then inside each sleeve is another sleeve that mimics the paper sleeves the LPs had. So if the LP had paper sleeves with lyrics, liner notes, etc - those are there with the CDs.  But here is the really cool thing - at least for me.  When I picked up a handful of the CDs, and just held them.... how can I explain it? It was partly awe that I could hold Donna's whole career in my hands, partly a reconnection with old friends, and... I don't know. It was just a really moving experience to hold them all.  And of course the set came at just the right time when so many of us are limited in where we can go, and  who we can see in these uncertain times. It brought back that old feeling that I've had so many times before - no matter how bad things are, as long as there are some Donna tunes to keep us company, we'll find a way through. Which brings me to this... Bruce wrote a footnote for the book. I won't quote the whole thing here, but I will share the last few lines:

"Her voice was anointed. The sound of her voice alone could heal you, but it was wrapped in a package of completeness. It was her whole spirit that you were feeling in the sound of her voice. The fact that the sound of her voice still keeps her present in people's lives - by bringing them joy, giving then hope, helping them forgive, letting them know that they are loved, giving them the strength to carry on - that is a life well-lived. That is Donna accomplishing her purpose in life. I'm sure she's rejoicing in heaven."

[MAR 29] In other Donna news, photographer Harry Langdon has a YouTube channel and in a recent video he talks about the Bad Girls album shoot.  He's promising more videos in the future that will discuss the other album cover sessions (On The Radio, The Wanderer, She Works Hard For The Money, Cats Without Claws, etc.)

[MAR 29] Over in the UK, Record Collector Magazine's April edition has an article by Pete Bellotte about the music he made with Giorgio and Donna. (Sorry guys, it's one of those magazines you have to buy to get to read. They don't put it up online for free.)

[MAR 29] I think that brings us to YouTube. So there has been a clip of Donna preforming Come With Me (and a couple of other songs) live in 1977 floating around for ages. Well, not somebody has either found a really clean copy, or they were able to clean up what was already there, and now we have an amazing copy of it out there. Go look - you will love it! (And stick around for the My Man Medley - never heard her do Some Of These Days quite like that anywhere else.) Let's see, from there let's check out Donna's version of A Song For You, then Be Myself Again live, and  Anyway At All live on Leno.  Let's bring the tempo back up again with one we probably need to here right now: Carry On. And finally, Love Is The Healer live from Divas 2000, and the unreleased Begin Again.

[MAR 20] Happy Saturday all! I hope everyone is well and staying healthy! There's not a lot to talk about this week with most of the world confined to their homes and/or jobs. But lucky for us, Bruce has a ready made studio on his couch and he hooked up with Americana Highways to stream a concert from his couch.  (Bruce, who knew you were so far ahead of the curve with this live on the couch thing?  LOL) You guys can watch it on Facebook, and yes it is sideways.

[MAR 20] And now is a good time to remind you that his new EP, Spirals Vol. 1: Not A Straight Line To Be Found, is due out on April 17 from all your favorite music sites including Amazon.

[MAR 20] Also a reminder that the massive Donna Summer box set, Encore, is coming out March 27.  That should give us something to do while we are social distancing!

[MAR 20] And speaking of social distancing.... every year for the past decade or so, I've done a fundraising walk to fight MS in May.  This year was going to be no different... until COVID19. Now instead of walking with a ton of people at Jones Beach, the walk is going virtual. The MS Society had given us free reign to interpret that as we like, so I am going to try to do something fun on video for you - even if I end up walking in circles in my back yard.  Hopefully Donna Summer music will play a part in that. (I've seen videos muted for copyright violations before so I have to keep my fingers crossed that I can use music.) I posted my fundraising link on Facebook ages ago and some of you have already donated. To you guys - THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.  If there are others who want to donate, this is my link - but please understand, THERE IS NO PRESSURE!  Times are hard these days, and I know some people are not able to work. I'll be happy if everyone just manages to stay healthy!

[MAR 20] That brings us to YouTube, and I would like to start with this clip of Donna performing with Kenny Rogers at the Grammy Awards. Kenny passed away this morning and I dedicate this clip to his memory. My condolences to his family, friends and fans.

Moving on we have this clip of Donna singing Riding Through The Storm (because it just seems appropriate these days),  then we have a clip with some footage of the original Dinner With Gershwin video that was never released, and my favorite clip of Could It Be Magic with Donna and Barry having way too much fun together.  :-)  And finally there is an awesome compilation of clips of Donna just being funny because we all need to laugh!

[MAR 20] Oops! I almost forgot! I posted this link on Facebook but I want to give it to you non-Facebookers too. I have been trying to digitize some of my paper Donna collection, so to that end I have made PDF files out of the press kits that I have. I have them in my Google drive for anyone who wants them. And yes, I know the 4 Seasons Of Love order sheet is in the wrong press kit. But I found it shoved in there and since I don't have a 4 Seasons press kit, it can just stay there.  LOL

[MAR 15] Just a quick update to let Brazilian fans know that their production of Summer: The Musical has been suspended until April 5. Contact the venue for information about ticket refunds or exchanges.  Stay healthy everyone!

[MAR 14] Happy Saturday all! I got sick of cleaning the house, so I thought I'd do the site update instead. (And yes, I have scrubbed every pixel down with disinfectant, so the site should be perfectly safe.  ;-) ) To all my readers who are in quarantine (either mandatory or voluntary) - hang in there! Don't panic, and whatever happens never ever lose your sense of humor. (How many of you sang that last line in your head as you read it?  LOL)

[MAR 14] Johnnyswim fans: if you have tickets to any of their upcoming shows, their tour with Lauren Daigle has been suspended through the end of April. Most (if not all) of the cancelled dates have already been rescheduled and your tickets will be valid for the new dates.  (That goes for both the show tickets and the VIP tickets.) They have a graphic on Facebook with the new dates, or you can check out their website.

[MAR 14] Bruce Sudano fans: As you know he was going to be at Tin Pan South Songwriters' Festival this month -  that festival has been postponed until later this year. That is due in part to the Corona virus and in part to the tornados that slammed the Nashville area recently.  Keep an eye on their website for  updates.  Bruce is also scheduled to perform with the Zombies in Baton Rouge on April 9.  If you are planning to go to that show, just keep an eye on the news or on the theater's Facebook page. So far that theater is still operating, but that could change as the virus situation develops.

[MAR 14] Moving on to the North American tour of Summer: The Musical... well, it opened in Toronto and now the musical website is saying that engagement is now suspended.  Also suspended are Schenectady, NY  and Dayton, OH. If you have tickets to any of the suspended shows, please contact the place where you got your tickets (box office, or online ticket agency).  If you have tickets to a show that has not been suspended yet, just keep an eye on the musical's website or the venue's website. Depending on how this virus situation goes, more dates may have to be suspended.  And hopefully they will be able to reschedule the suspended shows at some point. (Probably next season, as I am sure all the theaters have this season's shows 100% locked in.)

[MAR 14] Speaking of the musical, The Star has an article about the show to promote it - before they had to cancel it.  :-( And has a review of the show.

[MAR 14] Moving on to Donna, asks the question, Did Donna Summer ever have a #1 Hit? Fortunately we don't have to run over there and educate them, because they answered their own question in an article spotlighting Donna's 4 journeys to the top of the Billboard Hot 100.  :-)

[MAR 14] I guess that brings us to YouTube. So let's escape this dystopian novel we are all living and and run to the land of Donna. I did full length concerts on the last update, so let's do some full length interviews this week.  So here is the  1995 A&E Biography (and a live performance of Worth The Wait.  Every time that bio aired, someone would email me asking about that song.  Good times!  LOL) Then we have a 1978 interview with Rona Barrett,  part 1  and part 2 of a 1994 interview,  the Signed Media interview that turned up recently, the Pop Star conversations interview that just popped up last week, and part 1 and part 2 of a 1980 interview. Also just so you know, the VH1 Behind The Music and the Lifetime Intimate Portrait shows are not currently on YouTube. If you search for them, you will find them listed, but each actually links to a copy of the A&E Biography.

As a special bonus here is one of my favorite Johnnyswim songs (go catch them live when they hit the road again), and here is Bruce's latest (which I feel like is getting lost in all the virus hysteria.) Go see him live if you can too. Oh and for an extra bonus - here is the song I referenced at the beginning of the update featuring Paul Jabara and Donna. Go ahead, sing along!  :-)

[MAR 10]   Happy Tuesday all. Sorry the update is late, but things got a bit hectic around here this weekend.  So let's start off with Donna. Stereogum is continuing their list of Number Ones and now they are up to Enough Is Enough.  Read all about it here.

[MAR 10] We also have a "new" interview with Donna from Pop Star Conversations.  We also have one that's been around for awhile about State Of Independence.

[MAR 10] Speaking of interviews, we have a short one with Mimi about the dresses that were donated to the Rock Hall Of Fame. Mimi's part starts at about 1:12.

[MAR 10] Moving on to the Musical, as you know it is now playing in Brazil. I am told by a fan who saw it that they translated The Queen Is Back and White Boys into Portuguese.  If you want a little taste,  the show posted I Feel Love on YouTube. And there is an interview with the 3 Brazilian Donnas posted here.

[MAR 10] Moving on to Bruce, as you know he has a new single out called The Mountain.  Vent Magazine did a story about it,  and he performed it live recently. You can see the live video on Facebook.

[MAR 10] And finally, Mary Gaines Bernard fans will want to check out this Facebook video of her performing her sister's songs live in concert.

[MAR 10] That brings us to YouTube. With all the freakout on the news about the Corona virus, and people trying to stay away large groups of other people, I thought it was a good time to feature some full length concert videos. (Hey, if you are going to stay in anyway, you might as well make it fun!) So put on your dancing shoes and check out Donna live in Italy 1977, Donna live in Japan 1979, 1983's Hot Summer Night concert,  Donna live in Spain 1990, Donna live in Brazil 1995, and finally live here on Long Island in 2008. I'll be back on the weekend - stay healthy everyone!

[MAR 1] Happy March everyone! And you know a new month means it's time for a new Summer Fever Pick. So for March we are rocking to the sounds of The Wanderer.

{MAR 1] Let's start off with Bruce this week. As you know (if you follow his social media at all) he put out a new single Friday (complete with video) called The Mountain. has an article about the song along with the video. Go check it out. The song is a serious message, but the video is pretty fun! (Hey Bruce, does this mean you will be putting out an action figure?  LOL) And of course you can buy/stream the song at all the usual places like Amazon.

[MAR 1] In musical news, Summer: The Musical hits Brazil on March 5.  Youtube has a video promoting the show and it it looks like the costumes and staging are very different from the Broadway show. If anybody catches the show who has seen the Broadway production, let me know if there are any other changes.

[MAR 1] Also in musical news, the touring is wrapping up in North Carolina tonight where they got this really nice review on Triangle Arts & Entertainment.

[MAR 1] That's going to bring us to YouTube. In honor of the Summer Fever pick, let's go with some Wanderer tracks.  First up the official video for the title track and then a live performance of that same song from the Tom Snyder Show. Then we have stampyurfeet's take on Cold Love, and his alterego liveandmore's take on Grand Illusion. (The Whenever There Is Love footage works well!)

[FEB 23]  Happy Sunday all! Let's start off this week with an article about I Feel Love courtesy of La Nacion. The article is in Spanish, so if that's not your language, then Google Translate might be your new best friend. :-)

[FEB 23] You remember how Target was using the Sam Smith cover of I Feel Love in their holiday ads? Well, Marks & Spencer have done a little better. They are using DONNA'S I Feel Love in their ad.  :-)  (No offense to Sam Smith - but given the choice of Donna or ... well anybody else, I'll take Donna.  LOL)

[FEB 23] Moving on to Summer: The Musical, has an interview with the touring Bruce, Steven Grant.

[FEB 23] Bruce Sudano fans, look for his new single The Mountain this Friday.  I know I'm gonna be waiting for it!

[FEB 23] Johnnyswim fans: the duo is back out on tour again this time at bigger venues with Lauren Daigle.  They are bopping around the US and Canada together until July 19 so check the dates and if you see one (or more) that work for you - get those tickets NOW! The tour is selling out fast!

[FEB 23] I think that brings us to YouTube.  In honor of I Feel Love being the popular advertising song lately, let's start with that. Only instead of playing one of the regular live clips, let's go with the  Rollo & Sister Bliss Monster Mix.  Then we have the same song, but this time it's the MAW promo. And of course I can't leave out the Patrick Cowley mix.  Oh wait - I have one more that I've always loved - it's the I Feel Chased mix featuring I Feel Love and Giorgio Moroder's The Chase.

[FEB 16] Happy Valentine's Day chocolate is 50% off weekend all!  lol  Let's start off with Stereogum's  series on The Number Ones.  On last week's update I mentioned that they had an article about Hot Stuff. Well, you know that they had to follow that up (a few days later) with Donna's next #1 - Bad Girls.  I'm thinking the next article (with Donna that is) in the series should be No More Tears in a few weeks. And then I think we're done unless Stereogum decides to look at other charts at some point.

[FEB 16] In musical news, Summer: The Musical is playing in Chicago right now, and the Daily Herald has a short interview with "Disco Donna" Alex Hairston to promote the show. also has a short article to promote the show - but this is more a profile of Donna herself than a discussion of the show.

[FEB 16] Bruce Sudano fans - Bruce is heading out to the Durango Songwriter Expo this weekend. Mark my words - there will probably be some live on the couch videos afterwards. You can't put a whole bunch of creatives together and not have have everyone coming out inspired to do something.  :-)

[FEB 16] I think that brings us to YouTube. I guess since it was just Valentine's Day and Donna is the First Lady Of Love, we should have some clips about love.  So let's start with Love To Love You live, and Donna's discussion of the song. Then we have Love Is The Healer live on VH1 Divas 2000, the video for Love Is In Control, the original mix of Love On & On,  Stor Dubine's video for I Got Your Love,  and of course no list like this is complete without I Feel Love - live in 1977.

[FEB 9] Happy Oscar Night all! It's a pretty quiet week, but we do have a new article in Stereogum's series on Number Ones. This one is a look at Hot Stuff which took that top spot on June 2, 1979. 

[FEB 9] Then we have a blog entry from a couple of years ago that I don't remember running into before.  This one is from Jeremy Gloff, and he talks about how he became a Donna Summer fan. It's a good read - go check it out.

[FEB 9] Remember that movie Spinning Gold about Neil Bogart that's been in the works.... ummm... forever?  LOL Things might be getting a little weird. Production was scheduled to start July 16, 2019. Now if you go to  the IMDB website (which in all fairness can be edited by anyone, and so may not always be 100% accurate - just like Wikipedia), the movie's status has been updated to  "Post-production."  But then if you look at the Trivia section, it says that the production was shut down after 3 weeks leaving many workers and suppliers unpaid. Now it's hard to find any recent info on this movie online, but I did find an article (in French) from which is based in Montreal. With the help of Google Translate, what I got is that they started filming in Montreal on July 15 and then they ran out of money by July 24 and didn't pay a lot of the technical staff. So naturally production stopped. (Yeah, if my job stopped paying me, I'd stop working too!) They were trying to work out something so that production could resume, but I couldn't find out if that actually happened or not.  So who knows if this thing will ever be completed?

[FEB 9] Johnnyswim fans: Check out their new video, Long Gone - Backstage At The Ryman, filmed unplugged at the famous Ryman Auditorium.

[FEB 9] I think that brings us to YouTube.  It's Oscar night, so let's make it a Sunday of movie songs.  So of course we have to start with Last Dance which won Paul Jabara the Oscar for  best Original Song back in 1978. Then in 1984 Donna sand Barbra Streisand's nominated song - Papa Can You Hear Me. Up next is  A Whole New World from Aladdin - a 1993 Oscar winner covered by Donna and Dave Koz in 2007, and The Way We Were which won the Oscar in 1974 and was covered by Donna on tour 1977-79. Other movie songs are The Power Of One from Pokemon: The Movie 2000, Whenever There is Love from Daylight (1996), Romeo from Flashdance (1983), and Ordinary Miracle from Let It Be Me (1996).

[FEB 2] Happy Groundhog Day all! Our local guy predicted an early Spring.... I guess it makes sense since we've barely had any winter at all so far.  :-)  It's a new month so you know what that means. It's time for a new Summer Fever Pick and I'm sure this one will make all the Bad Girls out there happy. :-)

[FEB 2] In box set news, Instinct Magazine has an article about the Junior Vasquez mix of My Life that will be on the Encore set.

[FEB 2] In the Donna is everywhere category, posted an interview with Barbra Streisand in which she talks about some of her favorite artists. Donna made that list.  :-)  Barbra says: "She was a Disco Queen but boy could she sing just about everything. What an amazing voice and she was as good with a slow, moody number as she was belting out a great dance number. One of my favourites."

[FEB 2] Bruce Sudano fans, Bruce posted this clip of him performing Coney Island Days in 2018.

[FEB 2] That brings us to YouTube. And in honor of the Summer Fever Pick, I think we should look at some Bad Girls tracks.  First up is this classic Tonight Show performance of Bad Girls from 1979 (with the glasses!  lol) Then we have Hot Stuff live on the 1980 TV special, Dim All The Lights from Live & More Encore, an instrumental of Lucky, Sunset People from the 1980 TV special, an acapella version of There Will Always Be A You, the 8:31 version of Walk Away,  and the Summer2k Insomnia mix of Can't Get To Sleep At Night.

[JAN 27] Just sneaking in with one little (or big depending on your point of view) update on the upcoming Encore box set. has the scoop - art and track list!

[JAN 26]  Happy Sunday all! Big news this week....  Amazon UK is listing a new box set due out on March 27.  The set is called Encore and it will be a 33 CD set  all of Donna's studio albums (starting with Lady Of The Night up through Crayons).  Also included ate both Live & More albums, On The Radio and a whole bunch of "non album singles" and extended mixes. One of the tracks includes will be the first time ever commercial release of Junior Vasquez's mix of My Life. And that's not all. (God, I sound like an infomercial now!  LOL)  The disc will be in mini replica sleeves, there will be a 40 page 12x12 book with a new 25,000 word essay by Christian John Wikane, a foreword by Giorgio Moroder, tributes from 25 industry legends, and the album label copy info.  This thing just screams collectible! :-)

[JAN 26] Moving on to the musical, Sao Paulo Brazil, you get to see the show March 5 to June 28. If I am interpreting the Portuguese right, it looks like  Amanda Souza is playing the young Donna (Duckling Donna), Jeniffer Nascimento is Disco Donna, and Karin Hils is Diva Donna.  Welcome to the family ladies! Get used to your audiences dancing in the aisles.  :-) You can read a longer article about the show here.

[JAN 26]  Bruce Sudano fans - Bruce is live on his couch again on Facebook.  This is #27 and is a new song Bruce is working on that will probably resonate with anyone who has been in a relationship.  :-)

[JAN 26] I think that brings us to YouTube. First up, in honor of the box set we have the studio version of My Life. Then we have the rare track, Sometimes Like Butterflies, another b-side called Tearin' Down The Walls, another one called Face The Music, the original Love On And On, Donna's cover of Someday, and finallyDonna's "duet" with Dave Koz on A Whole New World.

[JAN 19] Greetings all! First let me say CONGRATS! to Summer: The Donna Summer Musical. The tour just played its 100th show. And it's still got plenty more to go, so catch it when they come to your area.  :-)

[JAN 19] Collectors: We have a new limited edition yellow vinyl pressing of She Works Hard For The Money due out on March 27. It is available for preorder at Amazon now,  and it is the same album you know and love - it's just yellow.  :-) (Too bad they couldn't add the red lines too...   I'm so demanding!  LOL)

[JAN 19] There is an interview on YouTube with photographer Bruce Talamon and Earth Wind & Fire's Verdine White. At one  point talks about a photo session with Donna that directly led to his first national magazine cover. The Donna part starts at about 19:05 - my link should bring you right to it.

[JAN 19] Bruce Sudano fans - his upcoming EP now has a new title. It will be called Spirals Vol 1 and he said not a straight line is to be found. (I'd also like to note that anything called Vol. 1 is bound to be followed by a Vol.2  :-) )  This is the EP that will have  In The Garden Of November, and With Him. The EP is due out this Spring and if you head over to Bruce's Facebook page, you can see some shots of him and Steve Addabbo working in the studio.

[JAN 19] And that brings us to YouTube. Let's do some interviews because I ran into a few good ones I hadn't watched lately while looking for something else. So first up, a 1994 interview in 2 parts. Part 1 is here and part 2 is here.  Then we have a 1984 interview with Paula Yates and a 1986 GMA interview with Donna and Dick Clark. And finally, here is a clip of State Of Independence that I don't remember seeing before.

[JAN 12] Happy Sunday all! Let's start with Johnnyswim. They have announced a Valentine's Day show  in Los Angeles. Tickets are available NOW for those who want to go. (And, yes you want to go if you can.  :-) )

[JAN 12] Moving on to Donna, we have a new article from Stereogum celebrating MacArthur Park. We also have an old interview posted by Paste Magazine from 1982 promoting the Donna Summer album.  That one is audio so you get to hear Donna's voice.  :-)

[JAN 12] We have a couple of ummmm.... unusual things this week as week.  Let me start with the prayer candle. There is a company out there called Kitschup Creations that makes celebrity prayer candles. Basically, they are prayer candles that would ordinarily depict a saint, but these depict various celebrities as saints. And yes, there is one for Donna. 

[JAN 12] Then in another head-scratcher I found this week, someone posted  an "afterlife interview" with Donna on YouTube.  The premise of the channel is that this woman uses a medium to contact her dead son and in some videos they get the son to put them in touch with famous people who have passed away.  Whatever you think of the "interview", personally I think it is proof that you can find literally ANYTHING on the internet - whether you want to or not! LOL

[JAN 12] Ok time for some sane stuff on YouTube! lol First up is actually a Daily Motion video of She  Works Hard For The Money taken from the Nobel Peace Prize concert (and decorated with a border of portraits of Donna). Then on YouTube we have (from the same Nobel concert) Bad Girls/ Hot Stuff, and Last Dance.  For something a little different, we have There Will Always Be A You as an acapella version. (Obviously somebody stripped the music off the original recording, but it's pretty cool to hear.) And then for those of you interested in Donna's vocal range, someone on YouTube broke it down with clips from various songs. It's interesting in a music geek sort of way.  :-)

[JAN 5] Happy New Year all and Happy Birthday to Brooklyn Sudano!

[JAN 5] It's been a really slow week  since everybody has been off celebrating the holidays,  but we do have Albumism's tribute to Donna in honor of her birthday.

[JAN 5] In musical news, the tour wraps up its stay in Seattle tonight and then opens in Tempe, AZ on Tuesday.  So catch it you can.  :-)

[JAN 5] Oh yeah, I almost forgot - the new Summer Fever Pick is up. This time we are dancing to Once Upon A Time.

[JAN 5] And that brings us to YouTube.  Let's do some clips in honor of the Summer Fever Pick. First up, the title track live in Japan.  Then we have audio of the single versions of Rumour Has It, Once Upon A Time and Winter Melody.  (Yes, I know Winter Melody is from a different album - call it a bonus.  LOL) After that we have Working The Midnight Shift set to clips of an old movie featuring office workers, and finally, I Love You love from 1978.






Quote Of The Week:

[MAR 29]

"Well to me, [being on stage] feels like, I think... I don't know - I just feel close to what I know I'm supposed to be doing. You know, I feel close to what I know I'm supposed to be here on earth for. And I think that that just feels great. ”

-- Donna Summer, CNBC 1991


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