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Last update: September 24, 2023

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[SEP 24] Happy Sunday all! First up this week, Brooklyn is doing a cast signing thing on Instagram with the cast of Cruel Summer.  That will be Tuesday September 26 at 2:30 PM Eastern.  If you head to her Streamily page, you can see what items are available to order.

[SEP 24] Johnnyswim fans - as you know the duo are still on tour. And Abner has been on an exercise kick for awhile now (and it shows!) So he is looking for people to run with him on show days. Keep an eye on Instagram for announcements.

[SEP 24] Bruce Sudano fans - yes, he is live on the couch AGAIN.  This time he's doing See You When I Get There from Spirals Vol 1.

[SEP 24] I think that brings us to YouTube. Let's do some unusual clips this week.  First up, a young Donna in an ad for Afri-Cola. Then we have a clip of Donna singing La Dolce Vita, a clip from an unreleased song called Addiction, an alternate version of If You Got It Flaunt It, a short clip of Donna rapping Love To Love You  on The Today Show, and finally Donna's live cover of Natural Woman complete with the "twins" intro. LOL (She can still make me laugh no matter how many times I have heard the story!)

[SEP 17] Greetings all! First up is another auction of Donna's stuff.  Unfortunately I didn't realize it was going to be a one day only thing, so it already closed.  This is a bit different from the last one in that it was  mainly household things like furniture from her home in Brentwood, TN -  oh and her 1995 Mercedes.  You can look at the items here, but make sure that when the page loads you check off the box on the left hand side of the page that says "Estate of Donna Summer, Brentwood, Tennessee" otherwise you will see a whole bunch of unrelated items as well. There is also a short article about the auction here.  This auction was announced on Donna's Facebook page, but only about 2 days before the auction happened. So if you are on Facebook, make sure you keep an eye on her page, and I will not wait for a regular update if another auction is announced.

[SEP 17] Speaking of auctions, ArtNews just posted an article about the Christies auction and the documentary. This article is a little different in that it attempts to analyze  Donna's paintings to some extent.

[SEP 17]  Bruce Sudano fans - he was live from his couch again. Well, he was live from a different couch this time.  LOL (I feel like this could be a series of albums - Live From The Couch,  Live From The Other Couch, Live From An Armchair... the list could go on.  LOL) This time instead of singing a new song, he is treating us to a live version of his current single, Better Than This (currently available in all the usual places.)

[SEP 17] In other Bruce news, he has been selected as an official showcase artist for Folk Alliance International 2024.  The event is held from February 21 to 25, 2024 in Kansas City, Mo.

[SEP 17] Moving on to Johnnyswim (who are still on tour, by the way.) As you know, they had a cooking show on Magnolia called In The Kitchen With Abner and Amanda that will be coming back with brand new episodes on October 21.  But in the meantime, they have teamed up with In Good Company. That is one of those companies that will ship meals to your home for you to heat and eat. This one only covers Southern California,  so if that's your location check them out. At the moment they are offering Abner & Amanda's Italian Short Ribs with Polenta.

[SEP 17] If you have logged in to MAX lately (say to watch Love To Love You Donna Summer, or any of the Johnnyswim shows), you may have seen a familiar face pop up on the main screen. (At least on the TV, I seem to get a different screen if I log in through my computer.)  Anyway, in honor of Latin Heritage Month MAX is doing Nuestras Voces and they have used photos of Abner, Pedro Pascal (without his Mandalorian helmet - yes I am a Star Wars nerd LOL), and Diane Guerrero.

[SEP 17] That brings us to YouTube. Since there has been a bunch of talk about Divas 2000 on the forum, let's look at clips from that.  First up Donna's performances: Bad Girls, Love Is The Healer and Reflections.  Then we have some interviews and rehearsal footage (note the end with the footage of the trio that never happened on show night),  and of course the finale, Ain't No Mountain High Enough.

[SEP 10] Happy Sunday all! It's pretty quiet this week.  Johnnyswim is still on tour for a few more weeks. You can catch highlights on their Instagram.  And if they are coming to your town - get yourself a ticket! You will not regret it!

[SEP 10] Bruce Sudano fans - Bruce was Live From The Couch again on Facebook for the first time in...? A long time.  He's back with a new one he wrote while he was on tour with The Zombies.

[SEP 10] That brings us to YouTube.  First up is  the 2023 Extended Revisit mix of I Feel Love.  Then we have Spring Affair from Soul Train,  an extended mix of Now I Need You, Love To Love You from The Midnight Special, MacArthur Park from American Idol, and a video for Try Me.

[SEP 03] Greetings all and happy Sunday! I can't believe it's September already! It's time for a new Summer Fever Pick and this month we will be celebrating all the colors in I'm A Rainbow.

[SEP 03] I guess we can start with Bruce this week.  :-) He recently did an interview with Harvey Brownstone, and you can catch it on YouTube.  It's a pretty long interview that covers a lot of ground from childhood to now. And yes, there is a bunch of Donna stuff in there too.   :-)

[SEP 03] And speaking of Bruce - I told you last week, he is selling t-shirts now.  If you grab one and send his Facebook a photo of you wearing the shirt, he just might share it.  :-)

[SEP 03] Johnnyswim fans - they are still on tour until the end of October. Also, the second season of their cooking show debuts on Discovery+ on October 21, AND on Instagram Abner periodically teases new songs in the works, so I suspect the last quarter of 2023 is going to be a fun time for all the fans.  :-)

[SEP 03] In Donna news, she ended August 2023 with 16.3 million streams on Spotify.  That made August her 4th best streaming month. So if anyone is wondering where Donna Summer fans hang out on the web - clearly Spotify is on the list.  :-)

[SEP 03] In documentary news,  The Goa Spotlight has recommended 4 films to watch from Disney+, MAX, Prime Video, and Filmin and their recommendation for MAX is Love To Love You Donna Summer.   :-)

[SEP 03] I think that brings us to YouTube. I think this week we should celebrate the new Summer Fever Pick. So let's start off with the title track, I'm A Rainbow. Then we have Don't Cry For Me Argentina from a 1993 TV appearance,  and the official music video for Romeo. Donna doesn't actually appear in that - they just used clips from Flashdance.  Moving on we have the Ladies On Mars Street Race Mix of Highway Runner, and To Turn The Stone from the original Broadway cast of Summer: The Donna Summer Musical (sung by Ariana DeBose).

[AUG 27] Happy Sunday all!  It's been a quiet week, but we still have Johnnyswim on tour. And keep an eye on the merch tables if you are going to one of the shows. You might find some exclusive items.

[AUG 27] And speaking of merch - Bruce Sudano has redone his website and with that comes a new t-shirt.  It's actually the first time he has offered t-shirts.  But don't worry - if shirts aren't your thing, you can still get the Super Bruce  bobblehead!   :-)

[AUG 27]  In the land of covers, Claire Richards and Delta Goodrem have covered No More Tears.  It's pretty faithful to the original.  Claire has also covered This Time I Know It's For Real.  Clearly she's a fan.  :-)

[AUG 27] That brings us to YouTube. Since we were just talking about covers, let's take a look at some of Donna's covers. In 2006 she was doing Sade's Pearls in concert and Aretha's Natural Woman.  She's also done Georgia On My MindLa Vie en Rose Nights In White Satin, Superstar, and in Divas 2000 she did a cover of Reflections. Donna is also known for her dance version of Barry Manilow's Could It Be Magic. (And yes, I will use any excuse to post this clip.  LOL)

[AUG 20] Greetings all! This week the main news is Brooklyn in Ambassador Digital Magazine. I showed you the Instagram post with the photo shoot, but now the interview and select photos are on the magazine's website.  One of the main takeaways from this article is that the documentary will NOT be the only film in Brooklyn's directorial career.  She would like to do more, and I can't wait to see what she sets her sights on next.  Hopefully the writers and actors strikes will end quickly (and fairly!) so creatives can get back to  creating.

[AUG 20] Johnnyswim fans - our favorite duo is officially back on the road again (living their nomadic life!)  Keep an eye on their Instagram for photos and videos from the tour.  If you are looking for dates and places, check their website. But be warned - Johnnyswim tickets always sell FAST!

[AUG 20] Last Dance fans, check out the Dodz 2k22 mix available on Soundcloud.  It's short but fun.

[AUG 20] And that brings us to YouTube.  First up, a 1990 interview about Donna's painting exhibition. Then we have a 1987 interview from the UK's Sky, and a 2004 interview from a UK radio show called From The Bottom To The Top (the clip is about an hour and 20 long and Donna is scattered throughout the show).  Then on the music side of things, we have Starting Over Again from the Eddie Rabbitt  special, and  Science of Love from XM Radio's Artist Confidential.

[AUG 13] Happy Sunday all!  Let's start with some time sensitive info for Johnnyswim fans. They will be performing in New York City at Rockwood Music Hall this Thursday August 17 at 7PM as part of the Preserve Rockwood Benefit Series.  Tickets are available here.  Then their official Stories tour starts on August 19 in Bethel, NY and continues through October 21 in Waco, TX.

[AUG 13] In Brooklyn Sudano news, Ambassador Digital Magazine has done an interview and photo shoot with Brooklyn. They posted  clips from the photo shoot on their Instagram, but nothing has appeared on their website just yet.  But check out the Instagram pics - it's a very glamorous  session.

[AUG 13] In documentary news, Love To Love You Donna Summer has hit New Zealand on Sky Arts as of today.  Because of that, has posted a review of the film.

[AUG 13] in Giorgio Moroder news, he has sold his producer royalties to Iconoclast. They have "struck a deal to work on the development and marketing of 'The Father Of Disco's' name, image and likeness rights."  I'm no expert on music industry legal matters, but this sounds to me like an 83 year old man looking make sure his legacy will be secure after he passes (in what I hope is the FAR FAR FAR distant future.)

[AUG 13] I think that brings us to YouTube. First up, TopPop remastered their clip of Donna performing Love To Love You. (That's the clip where Donna is backed by the blond male dancer in the very 70s white outfit. lol)  Then we have a short interview clip  from Donna's appearance on a Disney special.  (Here is the full special. You can catch Donna at 4:03 and 23:23. See if you can spot Mimi in Unconditional Love. Oh and I should warn you that right before Unconditional Love, there is a clip of the It's A Small World ride. You might want to mute the sound on that part.  LOL) Next up is a recent clip from LPJ_IS_KOOL with a clip of On The Radio plus the audio of a 2003 interview where Donna talks about the song.  (You can even see a picture of the handwritten lyrics  that sold at the recent Christie's auction.) And finally, Donna performing a couple of songs at the London Palladium. This is the infamous performance with the mic problems.  I happen to like this clip because it shows what a professional Donna was. I have always believed that if you make your living performing live (in any capacity - music, acting, making speeches, dancing, etc) that eventually anything that can go wrong will. And to me the mark of a professional is in how they handle situations where things go wrong.  Donna just kept chugging through without missing a beat as the crew found a mic that worked.  Someone with less experience might have stopped the show, but not Donna.

[AUG 6]  Happy Sunday all!  This week is the first update for August so you know that means it's time for a new Summer Fever Pick. This month we will be rocking to The Wanderer.  :-)

[AUG 6] So let's start off with Donna. The Hard Rock Cafe in Sioux City has installed some new memorabilia and included is a dress Donna wore in 1980.  The Sioux City Journal has an article about the new memorabilia, but it is behind a pay wall.  I did a little digging and found out the dress at Sioux City used to be on display at the Hard Rock in Boston.

[AUG 6] American Songwriter posted their 15 favorite quotes from Donna recently. There are some good ones in there.

[AUG 6] posted an article on the album Prestige by Girl Ray. Specifically, the article discusses eight albums that were influences on that album. Yes, Donna is on that list with Bad Girls.  :-)

[AUG 6] Some of you (okay, all of you  LOL) probably remember that when Four Seasons Of Love came out back in the day, there was a fold out calendar for 1977 included.  Well, a fan going by the handle @workinghardforthemoney on tumblr made a really good clean scan of the calendar and posted it.  (If you are wondering, the next time that calendar will be accurate will be 2033, then 2039, and 2050. After than you can figure it out for yourselves you young whippersnappers!  LOL)

[AUG 6] Since the rest of the family seems to be on a well deserved vacation this week, I think that brings us to YouTube.  In honor of the new Summer Fever Pick, let's look at clips related The wanderer. First up, the title track (and On The Radio), from the  Tom Snyder Show 1980, Then we have a stampyurfeet video for Art On Ice/Cold Love, a Suecase Hall video for Looking Up,  and another Suecase Hall video for Grand Illusion. Finally there is the official video for The Wanderer.

[JUL 30] Greetings all and happy Sunday! First up this week - The Johnnyswim Stories Tour.  Our favorite dup will be hitting the road from August 19 to October 21.  The full list of dates/venues is on their website, and tickets are on sale NOW. Johnnyswim tickets usually sell out pretty fast so get yours as soon as possible.

[JUL 30] While I was away, Bruce Sudano's new single/video dropped. It's called Better Than This and you can catch it on YouTube and all the usual places. The video is packed with old photos and videos of Bruce from over the years.  It's fun to watch and the lyrics are very relatable.  On a side note, I was on vacation last week with an 11 month old who got very cranky one night - the animated video for Fatal Love bought us about 30 seconds of peace.  LOL (I know, that doesn't sound like much, but it was enough time to get the bottle ready for her. )

[JUL 30]  Bruce's new single got write-ups on and  Both articles are in Italian, so Google Translate is your friend if that is not your language.

[JUL 30] In the land of milestones, Donna has officially topped 1 BILLION streams on Spotify. That's not a typo!   :-) (I swear, it wasn't just me going nuts on vacation! I streamed off the SD card in my phone, not from the Spotify app!  LOL)

[JUL 30] I think that brings us to YouTube. First up a rather unusual clip of This Time I Know It's For Real.  Then we have a Suecase Hall video for Love Has A Mind Of It's Own done as a tribute to Donna's relationship with Bruce.  And finally a short CBS news clip featuring Donna at home with her granddaughters and a young pre-married Johnnyswim.

[JUL 15] Happy Saturday all! Before I get started, I just want to let you know that I will be away on vacation next weekend so there will be no update for the 23rd.  (Any burglars reading this - no, my house will NOT be unoccupied. There are other family members staying home to care for the cats - and guard my Donna collection.  LOL) The next update will be on or around July 30.  :-)

[JUL 15]  On to the news. Congrats to Brooklyn and team!  Love To Love You: Donna Summer has been nominated for the HCA 2023 TV Awards in the category of Best Broadcast Network or Cable Documentary. It's up against Last Flight Home, The US And The Holocaust, and White Coat Rebels. The awards are handed out on August 12... well... that's when it is scheduled. I have no idea if the writers' and actors' strikes will have an impact on that.  (On a side note -  stage actors are NOT on strike, so maybe use this time to see some live performances. You will be glad you did!)

[JUL 15] Speaking of Brooklyn, has a little piece about Brooklyn and her love of gardening. (I think that apple didn't fall too far from the tree... I seem to remember her mom was a gardening enthusiast too.  :-) )

[JUL 15] In Donna news, last a list of the Top 10 famous singers from Massachusetts. Yes, Donna is on the list but 2 of the other "singers" on the list are not known for singing.  Chick Corea and Leonard Bernstein are both insanely talented musicians and composers in their genres, but I don't think either springs to mind when someone talks about singers.  LOL

[JUL 15] has an article about the story behind She Works Hard For The Money.  The article is a new one that goes with a podcast from last month that features Bruce talking about the song.

[JUL 15] We Are Cult has posted a review of the latest release of Another Place And Time.  The author is a big fan of the album, but he has to concede that maybe there have been too many reissues in too short a period of time.

[JUL 15] In Bruce news, we can look forward to a new single (and video!) called Better Than This on July 21.  (That would be 2023 or 2024 depending on which post you saw on social media!  LOL  But at least when Bruce gets a case of fat fingers, he only messes up by a year. When I do it, it's usually by a century. There is nothing like saying Bad Girls was released in 1879! Thank god I usually spot it before I publish. LOL)

[JUL 15] But while you are waiting for Bruce's new single,  you can check out MusicExistence's review of Two Bleeding Hearts.

[JUL 15] Johnnyswim fans - catch them at the Moon River Music Festival in Chattanooga with Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors on September 9.  FYI, the combination of Johnnyswim and Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors is billed as Goodbye Road.  So whenever you see a billing for Goodbye Road, know that it is the two acts working together. Now, the festival is sold out at the moment, but there is an option to get on a waiting list or to buy verified resale tickets.

[JUL 15] I think that brings us to YouTube.  In honor of the latest release of Another Place And Time, let's look at songs from that album.  First up the Pete Hammond remix of the title track.  Then we have This Time I Know It's For Real live on David Letterman,  Love's About To Change My Heart live on Arsenio Hall,  I Don't Wanna Get Hurt from TOTP, and the video for When Love Takes Over You. Finally, a segment about Donna from SAW: Legends Of Pop.

[JUL 9] Happy Sunday all!  It's a pretty quiet week, but we do have a new article about the Christie's auction from Salon Privé. This one breaks down some of the highlights - the items that did particularly well. Apparently there were bidders from 21 countries.  :-)

[JUL 9]  Bruce Sudano fans - look for his next single, Better Than This, in all the usual places on July 21.  In the meantime, check out his current single with Valerie Simpson, Two Bleeding Hearts, which is doing well on YouTube.  :-)

[JUL 9] In throwback cover news, back in 1982 Frida from ABBA released a solo album that included a cover of To Turn The Stone.  (That was before we got to officially hear Donna's original version since it came from the shelved I'm A Rainbow.)  Queerty recently posted an article about the cover. I have to say that  I have heard Frida's cover many times, but this is the first time I saw the music video that goes with it.  And, uh.... well, it's a good reminder that 80s videos were often just plain weird. LOL

[JUL 9] I think that brings us to YouTube. First up, I previously shared a video where Fil from Wings Of Pegasus analyzed Donna's 1999 vocal performance of Last Dance. Well, I recently ran into a previous video where he analyzed a 1983 performance.  I love his analysis videos - he doesn't just gush and say "wow that's so awesome." He will tell you exactly why a performance is good and give you some of the technical stuff that is going on.  It's definitely music nerd territory.  :-) (And I just love it when he starts smiling when Donna sings!) Next up is a band pit video from the NCL Prima cruiseship production of Summer: The Musical. It's broken into a 4 part split screen where you can see the guitar, the keyboard, the drum, and what's happening on stage. Next is a podcast discussing the documentary. They call it a review, but it's more of a discussion. In the category of WHY? somebody posted a video of Love To Love You sped up so that Donna sounds like one of the Chipmunks.  LOL (His whole channel is sped up songs. He's actually got 4 Donna songs there.) And because after listening to that, you need something to cleanse your ears, LOL,  here is the Live & More Encore concert. (I'm still trying to figure out that whole sped up songs channel - seriously, WHY?  LOL)

[JUL 2] Greetings all! Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends and Happy Fourth to my American friends. (To my other friends - celebrate with us. Just tell your jobs that you are taking a day or two off. LOL)

[JUL 2] It's a new month, so that means it's time for the new Summer Fever Pick.  This month we can all celebrate our inner "bad girl" by dancing to Bad Girls.  Toot toot!

[JUL 2]  Let's start with the Christie's auction. That closed the other day and it looks like they  made some pretty decent money.  :-) You can check out the website for the final bids on everything.  It looks like the awards and paper ephemera (photos, lyrics, etc) did the best. There was hardly any action on the costumer last week when I looked, but as I suspected, bidders for those waited until near the end of the auction.  The paintings were a bit slow to attract bids too - probably because the minimum bids for those were pretty high to start with. But all but 2 of them eventually found a buyer.  :-) If you want to see what the items looked like on display at Christies, they have a virtual tour posted on their website.  Congrats to all the lucky winners on your new collectables!  :-)

[JUL 2] For more auction news, check out WABC New York's news report on the auction, and has a short article on the auction results.

[JUL 2] We have a new official video out there. This one is an animated video for I Feel Love.  I kind of like the way they combined the computer generated faceless animated figures with footage of the real live Donna Summer - just like the record combines the synthesizer (computer)  generated music with vocals by the real live Donna Summer.  That was a really good idea.  :-)

[JUL 2] has an article about celebrities who paint. They start right off with Donna.

[JUL 2] in documentary news, interviews with Brooklyn still keep turning up. :-) (Girl - go take a vacation already! You earned it!  LOL)  So we have a print interview with SRQ Magazine,  and then a video interview for Togethxr.

[JUL 2] IN the everyone is a Donna Summer fan category, Debbie Harry and Blondie played at Glastonbury recently and they threw in a bit of I Feel Love in the middle of Heart Of Glass. I couldn't find enough video of that particular performance, but I found a different recent performance where you can definitely hear the Heart Of Glass music change to I Feel Love music.  It's at about the 5 minute mark.

[JUL 2] In Bruce Sudano news, Chris Epting just posted an interview with Bruce that focuses on songwriting. It's a nice read particularly for anyone who wants to get into the mind of a songwriter.

[JUL 2] I think that brings us to YouTube.  First up, someone posted what they are billing as the original take of Love To Love You Baby. It is taken  from a 28 track stem. Then we have a playlist from Donna's 1992 Walk Of Fame ceremony. (I know some of my readers were there - see if you can spot your younger selves.  :-) ) And then just because I have been playing this lately, the ballad version of I Will Live For Love.  (I love that song!)

[JUN 25] Happy Sunday all!  This week brings more on the Christie's auction (which only has a few more days of bidding left!) Good Morning America had a piece about the auction with an interview with Brooklyn, Mimi and Amanda, and footage from inside the auction house.  The Cut also has an article about the auction.  And, of course, the auction is still available to look at (or even bid on) on the Christie's website.  I have noticed that as of this writing, the photographs, lyrics and awards are  (generally)  going higher than expected, the gowns are going lower, and some of the paintings have no bids yet - probably because they have high opening amounts.  But having said that,  smart bidders are probably waiting until the last minute so that they don't  drive the prices up too early.  (I used to see that on eBay all the time. In the final moments of an auction, the price would go up like crazy!) If you are in New York, you can still see the items on display until Tuesday.

[JUN 25] In documentary news, has an interview with Brooklyn.  The documentary is still streaming on MAX, so go check it out if you haven't already.

[JUN 25]  As you know, on July 7 we are expecting a rerelease of Another Place And Time.  One of the ways it will be available is as a Zoetrope picture disk.  The official Facebook page posted a video of the Zoetrope in action and it's pretty cool!  It uses images from the This Time I Know It's For Real video that, when the record spins, becomes an animation. It's sort of like a flip book, the way it works.

[JUN 25] Johnnyswim fans - catch them in Waco, TX for SIlobration on October 20 and 21.  For tickets, click here.

[JUN 25] In musical news, Summer: The Musical is still playing at my local Gateway Playhouse for a couple more weeks. They have a promo video on YouTube if you want a little taste of what I saw.  They also posted several local reviews, and photos from the production. If you are in the area, there are still plenty of tickets left.  :-)

[JUN 25]  I think that brings us to YouTube.  First up, a medley from 1994 that I haven't seen in ages.  Then we have the perfect summer (Summer?  LOL) clip - Sand On My Feet. Then here's an unusual video from the musical. It's the Conductor Cam  from the cruise ship NCL Prima.  All you see is the man at the keyboard playing and conducting, but you can kind of hear what's going on on the stage. (The metronome is very distracting though.) And finally for something completely different...  someone on YouTube tried to fill in what she feels are the missing parts of the documentary by reading Tarot cards.  (Not sure she needed Tarot cards to come to the conclusions she did.  But the cards are pretty. And yes, this is proof that you can find ANYTHING on YouTube.  LOL)

[JUN 18] Greetings and Happy Father's Day all!  As you know, Friday was Donna Summer Day in Boston and it looks like a great time was had by all!  Mary was on hand to perform. She did Melody Of Love, On The Radio, and of course Last Dance.  Her niece, Taihisha posted a couple of clips on Instagram,  And if you are in Mary's Facebook group, a couple of people posted clips there too.  :-)

[JUN 18] In documentary news, Brooklyn was on CNN recently to promote Love To Love You Donna Summer. She also did an interview for Mark Tara's Rainbow Country podcast, and one for WCVB in Boston.   And there is an interview with Bruce about Donna and the documentary on

[JUN 18] In auction news, the Christie's auction for Donna's memorabilia is now accepting bids until June 29.  So if you have your eye on something, now is the time to make an account and place your bid.

[JUN 18] Bruce Sudano fans - catch him in the latest edition of The Beat (from the UK).

[JUN 18] Johnnyswim fans - catch Abner on Magnolia's  Silos Baking Competition tonight or streaming on Discovery+, Magnolia, or MAX.  He was a guest judge last week for episode 4 and he will be on again tonight for episode 5.

[JUN 18] Johnnyswim is also on Cameo now.  If you've never heard of Cameo, it is a service that allows you to purchase special messages or videos from participating celebrities. For instance, you could pay for a video where Johnnyswim sings Happy Birthday to your mom... or where they wish your best friend a happy anniversary... or whatever else you can think of.

[JUN 18] In musical news, as you know Summer is playing at my local theater The Gateway Playhouse until July 16. I got to see it last night and I have my report on the show here. And I will probably go see it again.  :-)  (Support your local arts people!)

[JUN 18] I think that brings us to YouTube.  First up, we have a new Suecase Hall video for Bad Girls (with an emphasis on the "new" demo version.) Then we have the Loverdose recording of Love To Love You Baby,  the Dick Clark Live Wednesday performances of MacArthur Park and Last Dance,  a performance of Friends Unknown,  and If There Is Music There from VH1 Live & More Encore.

[JUN 11] Happy Sunday all!  This week brings more on the documentary.  First up, Mary had a live chat on her Facebook group this past week and she wanted to make sure that we all know that Mimi's husband, Rick Dohler, was the guy who cataloged and digitized all those home movies, etc  that they found.  (And it was all stuff on 8mm, VHS, you name it - whatever the tech of the times were, and he was working on that for years.) So a huge shout out to Rick! Your efforts are truly appreciated!

[JUN 11] And speaking of Mary, she will be performing at Donna Summer Day in Boston on June 16.  She might even try to do some live Facebook streaming while she's there.

[JUN 11] In release news,  on July 7 look for a new release of Another Place and Time. There will be a 2 CD set, a half-speed black vinyl and a Zoetrope picture disk. The CDs have a couple of unreleased edits and a new remix of Another Place and Time. (The Zoetrope sounds interesting.  I haven't run into one before, but apparently if you view it with a stroboscope app in your phone, you see a continuous dancing effect. ) If you have Facebook, the official account posted a short video to promote the release.

[JUN 11] On to the never-ending documentary coverage.  :-)  So we have an excellent article in Harper's Bazaar, and a piece from Today.

[JUN 11] Cultured has an article about the Christie's auction of Donna's memorabilia.  I imagine we will see more articles about that as we get closer to the end of the month.

[JUN 11] has an interview with Bob Conti and in it he talks about Donna (among other things.)

[JUN 11] In musical news, the Gateway Playhouse production of Summer opens June 16.  Gateway has posted a video with a little bit of rehearsal footage.

[JUN 11] I think that brings us to YouTube. Since tonight is Tony night, let's do some clips from musicals - either covers, or stuff Donna wrote for musicals.  I made a whole playlist to make it easier.  And as a bonus, here is a clip of the Broadway cast  of Summer: The Donna Summer Musical performing at the Tonys.






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"There's no way I'd want to be a new artist out there today. There's so many categories and boundaries, and I feel sorry for performers trying to break ground now. There's hip-hop, house music, pop, AC. It's like, guys, wake up, it's music – M-U-S-I-C. There shouldn't be those boundaries. It's like segregation."

--  Donna Summer, Knight-Ridder Tribune Newswire, 1997

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