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Last update: May 21 2017

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Donna Summer: She could sing anything, anywhere, with anyone, at any time.

[MAY 21] Happy Sunday all! Well, I made a promise about my MS Walk. I was holding some tracks hostage until I received some donations.  :-) Here is the next track - A Different Road live in 1999.  :-) I also have a few little goodies to mail to my donors - I'll get to that later in the week.  :-)

[MAY 21] And speaking of tracks - I grabbed Mary Gaines Bernard's interview on the radio from the other day. You can catch that on my Soundcloud too.  In the interview, Mary talks a little about her upcoming concert in DelRay Beach on May 28. Here's her tip - if you are going, wear comfortable shoes. You WILL be dancing!  :-)

[MAY 21] On to Donna! First up. has posted a guide to getting into Donna's music. THere is nothing new there for us diehards, but it is an excellent resource for someone who is new to Donna. The article includes several playlists - each showcasing a different aspect of Donna's catalog: disco, Euro, R&B, spiritual, rock 'n' roll...

[MAY 21] has posted its list of the best 200 songs of the 70s. It's a pretty eclectic list with lots of great songs, and some info about each song (which makes it so much better than just a straight list.) I Feel Love comes in at #4.

[MAY 21] The Hamilton Spectator posted a new interview with Bruce Sudano where talks about Donna and this anniversary of her passing.

[MAY 21] I think that brings us to YouTube. Let's show Donna with her family this week. Let's start with Donna and her parents being interviewed, then we have a compilation featuring Donna with her sisters Mary and Dara, Donna and Bruce unplugged on the Regis and Kathie Lee Show, Donna with Bruce and the rest of the Brooklyn Dreams on a medley of Motown hits,  Donna with Mimi on State Of Independence, a video by our friend Suecall Hall for the live performance of Part Of Your World featuring Brooklyn and Amanda, and Vienna Dohler performing Be Myself Again.

[MAY 18] Radio alert for Mary Gaines Bernard fans - she will be on WBZT radio at 9:30 AM (eastern) to promote her upcoming show.  :-) The station does stream on the internet, so catch it if you can.  :-)

[MAY 14] Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!  OK - as you all know - May 17 marks 5 years since we lost Donna. Can you believe it's really been that long? I think to honor her legacy on that day we should play her tunes (of course!), request them on your local radio stations, and then perform some random act of kindness. I think she'd like that.  And whatever else you do - remember to celebrate,  live laugh and love.  After all, that was her last request of us.  :-)

[MAY 14] As you all know, Donna Summer: The Musical is set to open at the La Jolla  Playhouse in California in November and then hopefully it will hit Broadway in 2018. Joe.My.God has an article about the show to whet your appetites for it.  :-) and have also picked up the story.

[MAY 14] If you are in DelRay Beach, Florida (or will be at the end of the month), Go see Mary Gaines Bernard perform a tribute concert to her sister, Donna on May 28. And if you follow Mary on Facebook you just might find out about a special limited opportunity for fans.  ;-)

[MAY 14]That brings us to YouTube. Let's start off with The Queen Is Back (because who doesn't love to hear Donna reference her own history in song?), then there is Sand On My Feet, (she doesn't say it but it has to be about Bruce),  Be Myself Again (probably one of Donna's most personal songs ever), Friends Unknown (Donna's tribute to us), fans singing Last Dance to Donna, Bruce's speech at the Rock Hall Of Fame ceremony, and finally a fan video by our own Sue Casehall for I'm A Rainbow to memorialize Donna.

[MAY 14] Saturday is my big (sleep) Walk for MS and I will be once again rocking my Donna-gear instead of my team gear.  :-) We raised about $900 so far, but there is still time to donate if you want to.  :-)

[MAY 7] Happy Sunday all! The main news this week is that Bruce's new album, 21st Century World is finally out in its entirety.  :-) You can grab a copy at Amazon, iTunes, or your other favorite music seller. To celebrate, Bruce posted a video on Facebook of him performing Coney Island Days live from his couch. (Ahhh, technology - making working from home possible for so many different careers.  :-) )

[MAY 7] Brooklyn Sudano fans - check out her interview teasing the season finale of Taken. (That aired on Monday, but if you missed it you can catch it on demand. Spoiler alert: stuff happened!  LOL And yes there is a bit of a cliffhanger ending.)

[MAY 7] In the land of Disco deserves more respect than it gets, PBS posted an article saying just that.  And they included 5 songs to prove the point. I'm guessing that none of you will be surprised to learn that I Feel Love is the first one.  :-)

[MAY 7] I think that brings us to YouTube. First up is one of Donna's very last performances - it's On The Radio from October 2011. And now I think we need to balance that by going back to the beginning. So we have Donna in Haare (skip ahead to 2:25), then we have Black Power from the German TV show 11 Uhr 20, The Hostage from Van Oekel's Discohoek, Lady Of The Night, also from Van Oekel's Discohoek, and finally the promo video for Love To Love You Baby.

[MAY 7] Finally - my MS Walk is May 20 - less than 2 weeks away!  And since they are starting at something like 8 AM this year, I think I may start calling it my  MS Sleep Walk.  LOL So far you guys have helped me raise over $700! That's awesome.  :-)  This is where it gets more awesome - out friend lstdnce has pledged to donate $25 to go with your donation of $10. And if he sees 17 donations of $5 or more, he will toss in $517! So you guys know what to do - drain his wallet!  LOL  The link to donate is here, and just so you know, I have a couple of things to toss into the pot myself. I have a couple more live tracks to share with you on Soundcloud, plus I have this photo of Hattie Mae Blanche Dubois to send to all my donors when the walk is over. :


And I still have some of these to send too:




[MAY 2] The new Summer Fever Pick is up. This month we visit Another Place And Time.

[APR 29] Happy Saturday everyone!   I'm going to start with my MS Walk because....  I hit the $500 mark which means I owe you a track on Soundcloud.   :-)  So for your listening pleasure, I present Be Rich - an Ordinary Girl track Donna performed on her 1999 tour.  The next target is $1000 and if I hit that, you will get A Different Road from the same tour.  :-)  If you would like to donate, the link is right here.  The walk takes place on May 20 so we only have about 3 weeks left and I will have little thank you goodies to send to my donors.  And don't forget we have our friend lstdnce who is donating $100 for every $50 I receive.

[APR 29] On to Donna!  If you haven't looked at her official Instagram in awhile, go look now. They are doing some very creative updates. If you saw it last week, - well they added more.  :-)

[APR 29] The Library Of Congress is doing "Bibliodiscotheque" which is an exploration of Disco culture. Upcoming events include an interview  about Disco fashion, a lecture and film about Disco's influence on European Dance music,  a Disco dance party featuring Gloria Gaynor, and more. Details are here.

[APR 29] In Brooklyn Sudano news, the season finale of her series Taken airs Monday at 10 on NBC. It's getting really exciting now - Brooklyn's character has now been taken and is trapped in the hands of the baddies.  (She kicked some serious butt though - she very nearly got away! ) You have to tune in Monday to see if the main guy can rescue her before the big season ending cliffhanger. (There has to be a cliffhanger, right?   :-) )

[APR 29] In Bruce Sudano news - well, you all know that May 6 is literally right around the corner. And that means we can all have copies of his new album,  21st Century World, VERY soon!  If you are on Facebook, you can get another little taste of what is to come. Bruce posted a video of his new song, Bat Shit Crazy.

[APR 29] Also in Bruce news, there is a really good new interview with him on Bangs! Music & Entertainment. And, of  course, if you are going to be in NY on May 11, you can see Bruce perform the entire 21st Century World album live at The Cutting Room.

[APR 29] I think that brings us to YouTube.  I guess we'll do some tracks from 1999 to go with my Soundcloud file.  :-) First up, I Will Go With You from Música Sí, the same song from Rosie O'Donnell Love Is The Healer from The View,  I Don't Wanna Work That Hard rehearsal,  Donna on Queen Latifah, and Donna doing MacArthur Park and Last Dance on The Today Show.

[APR 23] Happy Sunday all! Let's start off with Donna's official social media sites.  Some of you may have seen that the official Instagram site was pretty active today. The reason for that is that the people running Donna's social media sites are  in the process of revamping them all.  The idea behind it is to make the various feeds more fun and creative - sort of how they think Donna would handle them if she was in charge (and computer literate.  ;-) ) The explanation is on Instagram at the moment.  And look for the other social media feeds to be updated as the team gets to them.   :-)

[APR 23] Moving on to Mary "The Real Diva" Gaines  Sealy Posturepedic Bernard....  (yes I stole Donna's line.... somebody had to.  ;-) )  I mentioned last week that Mary was teasing something for May 28. Well guess what - the official announcement is out and she is doing another tribute concert .  The event is "Donna Summer: A Musical Journey" and it  will take place May 28 at 7PM at  the Old School Square Pavilion in Delray Beach Florida.  Tickets are on sale now AND if you are coming from out of town, they have a deal with the Hyatt Place right across the street.  Many of you may remember that Mary did a show like this for Donna's birthday in 2015 - to raves I might add.  :-)  Here's a little sample from that night just to give you an idea:

[APR 23] Ok, take a minute to wipe the tears from your eyes from the clip above, and then we can move on to Brooklyn. has posted an article to help promote Taken.  Speaking of which, Taken is on Mondays at 10 PM on NBC and there are only a couple of episodes left in the season.  And from what I've seen, I'm pretty sure the season will end with a big cliffhanger that will have us all cursing the inventor of cliffhangers every day until season 2 starts. (Or is it just me that does that?  LOL)

[APR 23] Up next is Johnnyswim.  They are out on the road again - seriously, do they just live in a tour bus? Do they even remember where their actual house is anymore?  LOL I have never seen an act tour so much! (That's great for us fans, but they must get really tired!) posted an interview to promote a recent appearance in that area. Oh and you can catch a bit of Johnnyswim's performance at the Rites Of Spring Festival here.

[APR 23] I think that brings us to YouTube. Last time we did spiritual songs, so let's go the complete opposite way this time.  First up - Love To Love You on the Midnight Special.  Then we have a fan video for With Your Love Dim All The Lights live in 1995,  Hot Stuff live in the UK,  Try Me I Know We Can Make It video, and Bad Girls from the 1980 TV Special.

[APR 15]  Happy Saturday all! And Happy Easter and/or Passover to those who celebrate. (Also -Happy Tax Day to the IRS... BOOOOO!   LOL)

[APR 15] Deniece Williams recently posted a vlog on YouTube that relates  her story of when she met Donna.

[APR 15] In the Donna's music everywhere category: you can hear Love To Love You in a commercial for Hidden Valley Ranch dressing.  (I was actually pleasantly surprised to turn on the TV and without warning hear Love To Love You! It's the little things...  lol)

[APR 15] On to  Bruce. His new single and video, Coney Island Days, is out now.  That is, of course, from his upcoming 21st Century World album coming out May 5 on Amazon, iTunes, and other music vendors.  (That's just around the corner guys!  :-) )

[APR 15] Do we have fans here of the Sudano girls?  I know that was a stupid question. (And yes, I know they are grown women, but I prefer to live in denial sometimes.  ;-) )  Brooklyn and Amanda are in a promo film for Cartier's Panthere watch that should be out in June. You can read more about it here, and here.  And of course you can catch the 2 of them separately doing their own things - Amanda on tour (still!) with Johnnyswim, and  Brooklyn on NBC's Taken on Monday nights.  (There are only a couple more episodes left in the season and things are getting pretty intense!)

[APR 15] And now we have a little tease from Mary Gaines Bernard.  She's got something up her sleeve for May 28 in DelRay Beach Florida.  The official announcement is still to come, but I would think that Mary's recent Facebook  obsession with disco balls  might just be a hint.  :-)  And also - she is supposed to perform at the  Roller Disco Party in Boston this June.  :-)

[APR 15] And I think that brings us to YouTube. I think since it's Easter we should look at some of Donna's spiritual songs.  So let's start with Forgive Me live,  Amazing Grace How Great Thou Art,  a Gospel Medley from the Mac Davis Show, the only clip of Rejoice I could find, and another version of Amazing Grace.

[APR 9] Greetings all! Happy Sunday! Let's start off with Billboard. No, Donna's not on the charts again (yet), but she did get a mention in a recent ChartBeat article about Rihanna. The  theme of the article was the number of number 1s she has had, which lead to a list of the acts who have the most number ones since the  Dance Club Songs chart started in 1976.  Donna makes the list with a very respectable 15 number ones to her name.  :-)

[APR 9] In the land of covers - check out the Boston Gay Men's Chorus. After a few solo bars of Hot Stuff, the whole chorus   do their thing with MacArthur Park. And just in caser you are wondering - their arrangement is pure Donna Summer - with the bridge! Bravo men!

[APR 9] In Bruce Sudano news, check out his new interview for,uk.  It starts off being about 21st Century World (coming out in just a few weeks!)and then goes on to take a look at Bruce's history.  And if you are in the NY City area (or will be), Bruce is doing a show on May 11 at The Cutting Room where he will sing all the songs from 21st Century World.

[APR 9] I think that brings us to YouTube.  Let's do some State Of Independnce. We have the making of video with the all-star choir,  a German piece that had footage of the making of the music video (even Donna speaks German in this one) ,  the official video for State Of Independence, a live performance of the song from 1983, and a 2005 Night Of The Proms performance.

[APR 9] OK - I have news about my MS fundraising. Our very good friend friend lstdnce has graciously made the following offer:

" you, and our FRIENDS UNKNOWN, I will donate $100 for every $50 that you receive for your MS Walk.

I want you to walk with a winning amount of donations to wear your Donna Summer gear and continue your heartfelt sharing to others about Donna as she too had a tremendous giving spirit to others.

Your walk this year is 3 days after the 5th anniversary of our loss. I will add another $25 to my donation for every donor who posts a Donna tribute photo of them interactive with “something Donna” to you for this memorable time. A video? A selfie with posters? A pic with our Donna? ….all can qualify for me to add to donating to MS on behalf of you and Donna."

I will, of course, make a page to post whatever you want to send. I do request that if you opt to send a video, you post it on YouTube and then I can embed the YouTube clip on the site.  This could be a lot of fun!  And then don't forget I am holding a couple of live songs hostage.  When I hit $500, you all will hear the whole version of this song.  And then I  have a couple more up my sleeve for later in the fundraising.  :-)  The link to donate is here. Thanks for al your support! With your help maybe someday we can actually CURE MS!

[APR 2] Greetings all! It's a new month so it's time for a new Summer Fever Pick. This month it's all systems go for All Systems Go.  :-)

[APR 2] Let's start with Boston. Once again they will be doing their annual Donna Summer Memorial Roller Disco Party.  The date is June 23 from 6 to 10 PM at City Hall Square.  They will have the usual amenities - great music (spun by DJ Roy Barboza),  free skate rental, food trucks and water stations, and appearances from O'Mega Red and other members of Donna's family.  Oh wait - did I say family? Well there is a little something different this year - a performance by Mary Gaines "The Real Diva" Bernard.   :-)

[APR 2]  The Guardian has posted a nice article about Stock Aitken & Waterman. It's a good overview of the team and the artists they worked with - including some very nice comments about Donna. It's definitely worth a look.  :-)

[APR 2] Moving on to Bruce news, he just wrapped up his tour with Johnnyswim - but you can still catch him touring on his own.  His new album 21 Century World is coming soon and  while on tour, Bruce debuted a song from the album called Bat Shit Crazy.  (Hmmm... sounds like a day at my job?  LOL)  You can hear a tiny snippet of it on Facebook.

[APR 2] I think that brings us to YouTube.  Let's start with a couple of rare gems that just found their way to the web. First is Donna on the Paul Anka Special - doing her best Bond Girl imitation.  :-) And the second is A Song For You from The Mac Davis Show. Let's continue with old variety show and see Donna on The David Soul and Friends Special,  a country medley and Starting Over Again on the Eddie Rabbit Special , and finally - Donna's own TV Special.






Quote Of The Week:

[MAY 21]

"Probably, next to God, [family] is the most important thing in my life. I think that finally after running around and driving myself crazy for at least the last twenty years - and I won't go into the rest - I have come to the conclusion there's nothing, there's just nothing in my life that's worth more to me than my jewels. My children are my jewels. And my husband and my family. I love to perform, and that's extremely important, but it doesn't bring me what they bring me."

- Donna Summer, Good Morning America, September 8, 1982

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