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Last update: February 10, 2018

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Donna Summer: She could sing anything, anywhere, with anyone, at any time.

[FEB 10] Happy Saturday all!  Let me start off with a quick reminder that Mary Gaines Bernard is performing tomorrow (February 11) at 12:30 PM at the South Florida Garlic Fest in John Prince Park in Lake Worth, FL. If you are in the area definitely go check that out!

[FEB 10] Moving on to Donna.... As you know Summer: The Donna Summer Musical is coming to Broadway on March 28.  Well, the sign has gone up outside the Lunt-Fontanne Theater already! If you are in NYC go take a look - the theater is at 205 W 46th. For those of us who can't go take a look in person (yet), I swiped this pic from the Facebook page for the musical:

The sign for the musical

[FEB 10] Mailings promoting the musical have also gone out. (Most new shows sent out a flyer to people who have purchased Broadway tickets in the past.)  It was very exciting to receive this in the mail today:

Flyer front  Flyer back

I imagine the next things we will be seeing are ads around the city - posters at the train stations, ads on the busses, etc.

[FEB 10] In more unusual news, Quincy Jones gave a rather interesting interview to recently that has been getting a lot of attention. How can I describe this interview? It's sort of like he has no filter - like in his mind he's thinking, "I'm 85 and I'll say whatever I want! The heck with diplomacy!"  LOL In it we find out who killed Kennedy, we hear about Marlon Brando's sex life,  we find out that Q once dated Ivanka Trump (although I would think she's kind of young for him), and we find out that Michael Jackson "stole a lot of stuff".  (Musically, that is.) And here's where Donna comes into it.  Q maintains that Michael stole State Of Independence and used it for Billie Jean. And just to be clear - we're talking about the baseline here. And this one little section of the interview has taken on a life of its own - probably because it's the one thing people can truly investigate for themselves. As a result - YouTube views for State Of Independence are way up., new videos have been posted comparing the baselines of State Of Independence and Billie Jean, and of course social media is full of discussions about the songs.  TMZ has even added fuel to the fire by finding the clip of Michael singing back up on State Of Independence. Here is one of the videos comparing the baselines so you can decide for yourself if it sounds like anything was stolen.  And no matter your opinion, make sure you read the Vulture article.  It is a very entertaining read!

[FEB 10] Tom Gilliam over at the Donna Summer Fan Club has done an interview with John Billings, formerly the bass player for Donna's band. Tom sent questions and John and his wife made a video of John answering them. The video is up on YouTube, so go see what John has to say about working with Donna. This one phrase will grab at least a few of you... "giant rolling trunk of wigs."

[FEB 10]  Bruce Sudano fans - as I mentioned last week, Bruce has a bunch of dates lined up for the next few weeks. He's really promoting his March 6 show in NYC - to the point where he keeps posting one particular photo on Facebook, but with new words added to it each time.  I feel like anybody who goes to that show should find a way to bring up that photo for a laugh. (Sigh... it's a Tuesday. I don't think I can pull that one off.)

[FEB 10] I think that brings us to YouTube.  Well, I guess in honor of the Q interview, we are going to have to start off with State of Independence. I give you the official video and a live performance from 1983. And let's do another Q/Donna track  since John Billings mentioned it - Love Is in Control the official video.  Then we have I Feel Love live 2008 and Could It Be Magic live 2009  - look for John Billings in the background.  And finally in honor of the Olympics, Stamp Your Feet live on Letterman.

[FEB 4] Happy Sunday all! First up - the play.  According to Playbill, Summer: The Donna Summer Musical will open on Broadway with the same 3 women playing Donna who had the roles in La Jolla.  No word yet on casting for the rest of the parts.

[FEB 4] Speaking of the musical, one of the characters is Donna's long time fan, friend and executive assistant - Brian Edwards. has interview with him where he talks about the play among other thing.

[FEB 4] Bruce Sudano fans - catch him live on February 28 at City Winery in NYC with the Zombies, March 3 Live At Drew's in Ringwood, NJ with Hollis brown, March 4 at City Winery in Boston with the Zombies, and headlining March 6 at City Winery in NYC.  Tickets for all these events are available through this link.

[FEB 4] I think that brings us to YouTube.  Let's do some duets.  We have Donna with Joss Stone on VH1 for Try A Little Tenderness,  Donna with Seal for Unbreak My Heart/Crazy/On The Radio,  Donna with Liza Minnelli on Does He Love You,  Donna with Bruce Roberts on Whenever There Is Love,  and a fan video for Enough Is Enough.

[FEB 2] It's a new month so it's time for a new Summer Fever Pick. This month we explore the Four Seasons Of Love.  :-)  Oh and as for the new color scheme - if you think it looks familiar, well then you are right. I shamelessly stole it from the  promo images for Summer: The Donna Summer Musical.  :-)  I'll be back later this weekend with the regular update.

[JAN 28] Greetings all and Happy Grammy Sunday! Sorry for the lack of an update last weekend but I've been battling a nasty sinus infection. On  side non-Donna note, if you are ever sick in bed and want something to watch on TV that won't tax your brain - check out BBC/BBCAmerica's Planet Earth and Blue Planet. Even if you can't deal with listening to David Attenborough talk about all the various creatures , you can turn off the volume and just look at all the absolutely gorgeous video. There was some footage in Blue Planet II especially that was completely breathtaking!

[JAN 28] OK, let's get down to business. And I have to start off with some sad news. Some of you may know a fan named Lucia Martinez. She was president of the Donna Summer Fan Club in Spain in the late 70s and early 80s. (Although if I understand correctly, she was known as Jordi back then.) Well, unfortunately Lucia passed away January 16 after a long battle with kidney disease.  My condolences go out to Lucia's friends and family and I'm thinking that right about now she's at some heavenly concert right there in the front row and dancing to our queen! :-)

[JAN 28] Billboard posted a compilation video on its Facebook page of the best Grammy performances from over the years. Yes, Donna made the list.  :-)

[JAN 28] In the land of covers - remember last time I had the heavy metal cover of Hot Stuff? Well, this time I was sent  a link to a cover by China Moses. It's a couple years old, but the really interesting thing is that this time the song was reimagined as a bouncy jazz tune. And you know what? I think it really works!

[JAN 28] And speaking of covers - this video is a couple of years old but has been making the rounds again lately. It is Trez Gregory sharing her story of meeting Donna (more than once) followed by her cover of Donna's There Will Always Be  A You.

[JAN 28] Bruce fans - check out his Live From The Couch #12 on Facebook. This one is a cover of (What's So Funny About) Peace, Love & Understanding written by Nick Lowe.  You can also see his  performance of Common Sense on LineaRock along with a little bit of an interview.

[JAN 28] Don't forget - Bruce is playing with the Zombies at City Winery Boston on March 4. Tickets are on sale now.

[JAN 28] I think that brings us to YouTube.  First up, Donna's famous performance of She Works Hard For The Money from 1984, the 1980 Grammy Medley with Kenny Rogers, and Donna's Grammy win for Last Dance. And then for fun, let's thrown in a couple of unplugged tracks - On The Radio live on Regis & Kathie Lee, and So This Is Lonely from BBC Radio.

[JAN 14] Happy Sunday all! So as you know, tickets for the Donna Summer Musical on Broadway are currently on sale. Tickets range in price from $48 to $149 and are available at Ticketmaster.  I personally will be there March 30.  :-) And speaking of the musical - there is a video fan review on YouTube.  Fair warning - the first half of the video is about the outfit she wore to the show so if fashion isn't your thing you will want to skip ahead a bit.  :-)

[JAN 14] In the land of remixes, there is a new EP out there featuring new mixes of Bad Girls (the Scandal and $wan$ mixes.) You can grab a copy on iTunes and Amazon.

[JAN 14] In cover news, Mystic Prophecy has released a new album called Monuments Uncovered. It's an album of covers which includes a cover of Hot Stuff. Now the band is a heavy metal act, so how you feel about the cover will depend on how you feel about that genre of music. You can hear clips on To me, it's not bad but also I have to be really in the right mood to listen to metal. (The cover art though - that I can completely live without. )

[JAN 14] I think that brings us to YouTube. In honor of the heavy metal cover of Hot Stuff, let's look at Donna's rock and roll side.  :-) First up we have Cold Love live on the Tom Snyder show, the video for Fame (The Game), Romeo live from the Hot Summer Night concert, a fan video for Protection, and of course Hot Stuff live from the 1981 TV special.

[JAN 7] Happy 2018 everyone! May it be a happy and healthy one!  Of course it's a new month so it's time for a new Summer Fever Pick. This month we look back at A Love Trilogy.

[JAN 7] Tomorrow (Monday) is January 8 and you all probably remember what day that  is - the day the tickets go on sale for Summer: The Musical on Broadway! The show starts previews on March 28 and officially opens April 23.  Tickets will be available at Ticketmaster starting at 10 AM tomorrow. The price range is listed as $48 to $149. And can I just say that I LOVE that I have a reason to post Ticketmaster links again.

[JAN 7] posted an article to remember Donna on her birthday. And Vogue posted 5 New Year's Eve looks inspired by Donna.

[JAN 7] There is a new book by Quentin Harrison called Record Redux: Donna Summer (Volume 3). It is Donna's discography covered in detail  with synopsis and full color art for all of Donna's albums and singles. It's absolutely gorgeous! (Oh and I should explain the volume 3 thing - the other 2 volumes cover other artists. The book is available in paperback at If you do the Facebook thing, you can follow the whole Record Redux series there. Oh and I should probably mention - the author is one of us - a fan!  :-)

[JAN 7] Bruce Sudano fans check out his performance of Let's Fly from Border Crossings on Facebook. And on YouTube check out Word Of Love - a performance improvised by Bruce and Randy Mitchell when Memphis morning TV asked him to perform a Christmas song. Oh and Paste Magazine included When Cinderella Dies in their Top 100 songs of 2017. Way to go Bruce!

[JAN 7] In some unusual Johnnyswim news... the duo is credited for inspiring a new life? Apparently Chip and Joanna Gaines of the TV show Fixer Upper attended a Johnnyswim concert a few months a go in Waco that ehy described as being very romantic. I guess the feeling of romance continued after the show with the result being that the Gaines family is expecting their 5th child. I guess  Johnnyswim concerts should come with a warning label now? "May cause pregnancy"?  LOL

[JAN 7] I think that brings us to YouTube.  Since we are in the middle of a nasty cold snap here, I think it's time to warm the place up. So of course we have to start with some Hot Stuff. Then we have A Hot Summer Night With Donna - the whole show! Then we have a little Spring Affair/ Summer Fever live, I'm A Fire live, and the infamous Donna Summer Gene Simmons duet of Burning Up With Fever (audio only).






Quote Of The Week:

[FEB 10]

"I like to go into the studio and just have someone play the piano. I sit there and listen and then… it could be anything, even a sound. That triggers a lyric and that triggers a song."

- Donna Summer, Long Island Nightlife October, 1987

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