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Last update: March 26, 2017

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Donna Summer: She could sing anything, anywhere, with anyone, at any time.

[MAR 26]  Greetings all!  First of all , a shout out to the city of London. I don't know what possessed someone to launch a terror attack there.  I thought it was pretty much common knowledge that (like the meme says) Londoners just Keep Calm and Carry On.

[MAR 26] On to chart news..l. well, there isn't any.  :-( Both Enough Is Enough and On The Radio fell off the charts for the week of April 1.

[MAR 26] Let's take a quick trip to Soundcloud where we can find Junior Vasquez's unreleased mix of My Life.  (Go listen - there are some alternate lyrics used!) And then some crazy fan with a website ;-)  was going through some old concert tapes and happened to find Donna and her girls singing Part Of Your World live at Jones Beach (in the rain no less.) I actually posted it a couple of weeks ago and forgot to put it on an update.

[MAR 26]  In the category of strange things you find on the internet - there is a group called  Twenty Sixty Six And Then - or perhaps I should use the past tense because it was only active in the very early 70s. It was based in Germany and one of the members of this band was Veit Marvos.   That would be the same Veit Marvos who was know to use a young vocalist who later became Donna Summer.  Some of Twenty Sixty Six And Then's music is up on YouTube, and our old buddy Wolfgang happened upon this little treasure.  If you jump ahead to about the 3 and a half minute mark, you just might hear a familiar background vocalist. :-)

[MAR 26] Let's move on to Johnnyswim. They are on tour (of course - they seem to never stop touring!  LOL) And for a little while they have a very familiar opening act - Bruce Sudano.  Now if you have Facebook, there is a little clip of the 3 of them doing a cover of On The Road Again.  Johnnyswim also posted a couple of Facebook live videos this week from their appearances on 92.5 in Massachusetts  and 106.1 in Charlottesville.

[MAR 26]  There are also a couple of new articles out there to promote Johnnyswim's tour.  Liberty University posted one, has one,  Voice Online has one, and CityBeat has one.

[MAR 26] On to YouTube!  This week I think I will focus on 1999 and I will tell you why in a minute. First the clips.  First up is  UK This Morning with an interview and I Will Go With You. Then we have a Live & More Encore medley from German TV,  I Will Go With You from Musica Si,  Donna (and fans!) on The View, and then on the View again later in 1999,  and finally the VH1 Live & More Encore interview part 1 and part 2.

[MAR 26] So about 1999...  as you guys know, every year I do a Walk to fight MS at this time of year.  And you guys are always very generous.   :-)  But I have a little incentive to encourage donations.  I mentioned above that I have been going through some old concert tapes I have. One gem I found was from 1999. I have pulled 3 tracks off of that tape and will put them on Soundcloud at various times during the fundraising process.  They are Carry On, Different Road (written by Bruce and never recorded by Donna), and Be Rich from Ordinary Girl.  They were all recorded live in Atlantic City - and as such have the usual issues you would expect from covert concert recordings - crowd noise, etc. When I get my first $500, I will post the first track.  :-)  (And yeah, I know money is tight... so eventually I will post all 3, donations or not. It's just that donations will speed things up!)

[MAR 18] Happy Saturday all!  Let's start with the charts. This week Enough Is Enough takes a big drop to #41 on the  Billboard Dance Club Songs chart for March 25. BUT - over  on the  Top Dance Electronic Albums chart, On The Radio debuts at #15.  It is the highest ranking debut for the week.  :-)  Now the question is why after al these years is there a renewed interest in the album? Certainly part of that is the success of the Enough Is Enough mixes.  On top of that it probably helped that iTunes had it on sale for $5.99 recently, and of course Donna's name has been in the news a bit more lately thanks to the family getting publicity. Johnnyswim is out on tour, Bruce has an album coming out, and Brooklyn has been promoting her show Taken like crazy.  And generally speaking journalists seem to at least mention Donna's name when talking to/about the others. In Brooklyn's case, she is getting asked more questions about being Donna's daughter because the press doesn't know her as well yet.  Once the novelty wears off (and a few more episodes of  her show have aired), the press will be more interested in Brooklyn herself than in her lineage.

[MAR 18] In other Donna news,  tickets for the Donna Summer Musical  in La Jolla, CA are officially on sale to the general public - well for at least one date of the run. is selling tickets to the December 2 show, but the show is running from November 7 to December 10.  More info is available on the La Jolla Playhouse website.

[MAR 18] In the Donna is everywhere category, she was the answer... wait I mean the question to a Jeopardy clue this week.  If you've never seen Jeopardy,  the way the game is played is they give you a clue and then you have to respond with a question.   The clue was "In 1983 this singer told us, 'She works hard for the money, so hard for it honey.'" The correct response was of course "Who is Donna Summer?"

[MAR 18] I mentioned Brooklyn before - her show Taken is on NBC Mondays at 10.  And of course since it's a new show, they are doing lots of publicity for it.  Brooklyn was on Access Hollywood live this week.  The first half of the interview is on the Access Hollywood website.  The other half of the interview was about being Donna's daughter and I've only run into that on Facebook so far.  You can also see several cast members from Taken talking about the show in this YouTube clip.

[MAR 18] Moving on to Bruce,  he is giving a songwriting master class at Stax Music Academy in Memphis on April 1. For more info, check out this link.  But for those who are more interested in listening to Bruce's songs than in learning to write their own (yeah that would be me  lol), Bruce has posted a lyric video for his new single, It Ain't Cool.  I have to say songs like It Ain't Cool and Common Sense are reminding me a lot of the good 60s protest music.  I grew up on Peter Paul & Mary and liked their sound long before I had the maturity to understand the message.

[MAR 18] I think that brings us to YouTube.  I think with On The Radio charting again,  we should put that in the spotlight.  So we have On The Radio from the 1980 TV Special,  Enough Is Enough with Westlife, a medley of 70s hits,  I Love You live on the Tonight Show,  and  finally some demos of Enough is Enough:  version 1, version 2 and an acapella demo.

[MAR 12] Greetings all!  It's been a sad week this week. We just lost Joni Sledge from Sister Sledge. We also lost Kevin Brown, who most of you know as ViSiON - the guy behind the wonderful ViSiON mixes.  My condolences to their families, friends and fans. Both will be greatly missed.

[MAR 12] In Donna news, Enough Is Enough slips to #21 on the Billboard Dance Club Play Chart for the week of  March 18.

[MAR 12] Brooklyn Sudano fans - catch her on NBC's Taken Monday nights (or on demand  if that's your thing.)  Now that we have hit the second episode and they can concentrate more on building up the plot than on what I like to call "setting up the chessboard", we are starting to see more of Brooklyn's character. :-)

[MAR 12] As part of the promotion for Taken, Brooklyn did an interview with the NY Post where she also gets to talk about her mom a little. She also did an interview for PIX11. It's short but fun.  :-) And finally she did a  joint interview on 11 Alive with one of her costars, Gaius Charles, where they talk strictly about the TV series.

[MAR 12] Let's move on to Bruce Sudano. As I have mentioned before, Bruce has a new album coming out May 5 called 21st Century World.  The first single is out now and it's called It Ain't Cool. The album itself is available for preorder from Amazon and iTunes. And People Magazine spotlighted the song on their website recently.

[MAR 12] I think that brings us to YouTube. Since we are expecting a massive snowstorm here this week, I think we're gonna need some  good mixes to get the blood flowing and stay motivated to shovel all that white stuff.  :-)  So let's start off with the original mix of Love On And On, That's The Way It Is from The Journey), Crayons Someday (the original version), I Got Your Love,  and then a couple of mixes from our late friend ViSiON - If It Makes You Feel Good and  This Time I Know It's For Real.

[MAR 12] And finally on a personal note, I will be walking to fight MS again this year. I started walking because I have a friend with MS, I continue walking because of her and others I have met since, and I walk to honor Donna's humanitarian legacy.  Everybody knows Donna's music - not everybody knows about her generous spirit, and since she left us, every act of charity I do is dedicated to her memory. So, in a way she is still making good in this world. :-)  If you are interested in donating, my link is here.  And as many of you know, I usually find some sort of little Donna-related thank you  to give to my donors. If I hit $517 then I get to ditch my team shirt in favor of my Donna gear. (And I really hope I hit that again this year because I'm not 100% sure I even know where my team shirt is anymore! LOL) The walk is May 20, so we have a little time to raise some money so we can hopefully cure some people! Thanks!

[MAR 4] Happy Saturday all! It's a new month so the new Summer Fever Pick is up. This time we explore Cats Without Claws.

[MAR 4] Let's start with the charts. For the week of March 11, Enough Is Enough drops to #15 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart.

[MAR 4] Enough Is Enough 's run may be fading, but a couple of other songs have received some attention of a different kind this week.  On the show Riverdale, Josie & The Pussycats performs a cover of I Feel Love on the episode titled "Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!" That episode will air on Tuesday, March 7 on the CW.

[MAR 4] The other song in the spotlight is Last Dance thanks to a performance on last week's episode of The Voice. The contestant did a really good job and totally blew away the judges.

[MAR 4] Brooklyn Sudano fans - don't forget you can see her in Taken on NBC Monday nights. Also, there are a couple of interviews out there promoting the show.  One is from Hollywood Today Live,  and the other is a more general promo piece for the show. There is also a print interview on

[MAR 4] Bruce Sudano fans - Bruce was on the Morning Buzz with Beth Pike a couple of weeks ago. The show is available online, so go check it out.

[MAR 4]  I think that brings us to YouTube. Let's just do some random clips of Donna performing with others.  There is Donna with Raffaella Carra on Lovin' You, then  Donna with a bunch of people on the Mac Davis Show,  a short clip of Donna with Rita Coolidge on You've Got A Friend, Donna with Kenny Rogers on a Grammy medley,  Donna with Rosie O'Donnell on Enough Is Enough,  and finally Donna with Price Poppycock on America's Got Talent. (Well, I did say  these clips were random!  LOL)

[FEB 26] Greetings all! Happy Oscar night!  Let's start off with the charts again.  On the Billboard Top Dance Club Songs chart for March 4, Enough Is Enough falls to #13. It has totally fallen off the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs top 50.

[FEB 26]  In the Donna is everywhere category, She gets a mention in an article posted on today about highest charting hits winning Oscars for best original song. You guessed it - Last  Dance makes the list.  :-)  Also, Donna got a mention on the People's Court recently in the case of the "Sizzling Mad Disco Singer." One participant was asked his favorite disco  song and he (wisely) replied "Anything by Donna Summer." Clearly, any other answer should have gotten him booted out of court.  ;-)

[FEB 26] Brooklyn Sudano fans - don't forget that her series, Taken, premieres tomorrow (Monday February 27) at 10 PM on NBC.  (And I am sure you will be able to catch it on demand if you miss it.)

[FEB 26] Johnnyswim fans - the duo is STILL on tour and new dates have been announced for the US and Canada this spring and summer. And knowing Amanda and Abner - there will be even more dates to come.

[FEB 26]  I think that brings us to YouTube and I think we should go with an Oscars theme today.  So we have Donna performing Last Dance at the 1978 ceremony, Paul Jabara winning the Oscar for the song, and Donna singing Papa Can You Hear Me at the 1984 telecast. And then we have a couple of songs from movies like The Power Of One, Whenever There Is Love, and an alternate version of the Brooklyn Dreams Hollywood Knights from the film of the same name. (You might spot an extra voice in that one.  LOL)

[FEB 19] Happy Sunday all! Let's start off with the charts again this week. This time the news isn't good.  Enough Is Enough slips from #3 to #4 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs for the week of February 25. And on the Electronic Dance Songs chart it slips from #39 to #42,

[FEB 19] Moving on to Bruce Sudano news - as you know he was performing at the Folk Alliance recently. In support of his performance, he appeared on KCTV 5, and you can watch that here.

[FEB 19] Bruce fans can catch him on tour on the second half of March.  He will be opening for another act I think you are all familiar with - Johnnyswim.  :-)

[FEB 19] And just in case that isn't enough Bruce for you - he's got another album coming out on May 5 - 21st Century World.  :-)

[FEB 19] I think that brings us to YouTube.  Let's do a little traveling with Donna this time.  We'll start by Driving Down Brazil,  then it's off to Tokyo, then we go To Paris With Love, then Don't Cry For Me Argentina because In A  New York Minute we'll go to Los Angeles to see the Sunset People. Then it's off to Somalia to find some Pearls that just might be lying In The Valley Of The Moon. And finally, God Bless America!

[FEB 11] Greetings all! And Happy (almost) Valentine's Day! Let's go right to the charts this week. So for the week of February 18, Enough Is Enough stays at #39 on the Billboard Hot Dance Electronic Songs chart.  But on the Dance Club Songs chart, it rises 2 spots to be #3.  Nice!

[FEB 11]  And while we are talking about Billboard - they have posted their list of the 100 Greatest Grammy Award Show Performances of All Time. Donna comes in at #98 with She Works Hard For The Money.

[FEB 11] Johnnyswim fans - check out the new review of Georgica Pond on

[FEB 11] Brooklyn Sudano fans - good news, her series Taken will premiere on NBC on Monday February 27 at 10 PM (9 Central).  For those wondering, Taken is based on the films of the same name about a former Green Beret who, after experiencing a personal tragedy, becomes a "deadly CIA operative." Brooklyn plays Asha Flynn, "an attractive and driven young lawyer" who reconnects with the main guy. You can see more about the show on the NBC website.

[FEB 11] I think that brings us to YouTube.  Well you know we are going to have to go with a love theme this time.  So there is Love To Love You from the Midnight Special, the Love Is In Control video, I Love You from the Tonight Show, I Feel Love live 2008, Love Is The Healer from Queen Latifah, a little snippet of Love To Love You  from 1999 (the first time she had performed it in YEARS) and finally, Friends Unknown - Donna's love tong to the us, her fans.  :-)






Quote Of The Week:

[MAR 26]

"Sometimes a song becomes a backdrop for your environment or a moment in your life when times were good or bad or joyful or sad. The song embraces you. And when you hear that song, or see that performer, you relate to them."

- Donna Summer, New York Times, November 11, 2003

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