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Last update: August 13, 2017

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Donna Summer: She could sing anything, anywhere, with anyone, at any time.

[AUG 13] Greetings all and a special shout out to Charlottesville. Hang in there guys - the hate mongers are vastly outnumbered by the rest of us and I am a firm believer that karma will get them in the end.

[AUG 13] On to happier things! There isn't much going on in the world of Donna this week, but Johnnyswim has a new video coming out for First Try. (If you have been to one of their concerts, then you know that this is a favorite for fan sing alongs!)  The video will debut on Rollingstone Country between 9 and 11 AM CST. You can get a taste on Facebook here and a tinier taste here.  :-)

[AUG 13] In Bruce Sudano news, he has announced 2 new dates. The first is September 29 at Levitt Shell in Memphis, TN,  and the other is October 6 at Genghis Cohen in Los Angeles. His live on the couch series of videos is on vacation so he reposted this live video of Bat Shit Crazy. (Who knew couches need vacations?  Now I have a mental image of a sofa sunning itself on a beach somewhere.  LOL)

[AUG 13] And that brings us to YouTube. Let's do some interviews today.  First up is a compilation piece called Up Close. Part 1 is here and part 2 is here. Then we have a BBC interview from 2004, On Time TV from about 2008, a 2007 radio interview where she talks about 9/11's effect on her, Donna on Say It Loud, a 2008 interview for Curtain Call, and finally Donna on Nightline's Playlist from 2008.

[AUG 6] Happy Sunday all! The Summer Fever Pick is up. This month we dance to Crayons.  :-)

[AUG 6] The BBC ran a special concert called I Feel Love to celebrate 50 years of sexual freedom. The show ended with Donna's version of I Feel Love. (Sigh.... if only she could have been there....) Now if you are in the UK, you can watch the concert on the BBC iPlayer. The rest of us can listen to the audio feed posted on the BBC Radio2 website. (Generally speaking, BBC video is region restricted, where as audio from the various BBC radio stations is not.)

[AUG 6] Moving on to Bruce.  He's posted a couple of new clips on Facebook - both for new songs. The first is a clip of a song called Forbidden Fruit taped at his recent shot at Hotel Cafe. The other one is #9 in Bruce's Live From The Couch series. It's called Snowman and it's about the Ed Snowden situation. (If you don't know what that is - Google it.)

[AUG 6] Brooklyn Sudano fans, DenOfGeek has an article that explains in a bit more detail why most of the cast of Taken is not returning for season 2. The article also mentions that she show has been pushed back from a fall season premiere to an early 2018 premiere. (It sounds to me that maybe the network wasn't overly happy with the ratings?

[AUG 6] I think that brings us to YouTube. I ran into this 1995 video of Donna on The Box on Facebook (non Facebookers can see just Could It Be Magic from that show on YouTube) and it put me  in the mood to hear some more stuff from the mid 90s. So we have Melody Of Love from Letterman, the video for one of the 1995 versions of I Feel Love, No Ordinary Miracle (audio only), From A Distance (audio only), the video for Whenever There Is Love, and the A&E Biography.

[JUL 30] Happy Sunday all! Tickets for The Donna Summer Musical at the La Jolla Playhouse in California are now officially on sale for all dates/times. Get those credit cards out now!  :-) And of course once you have seen the show, I will be happy to post reviews/reports right here on the site.  :-)

[JUL 30] I feel Love fans - has posted a tribute to the song for its 40th anniversary. (Who feels old now?   LOL) also has a tribute to the song.

[JUL 30] Bruce Sudano fans - you can now catch With Angels On A Carousel live from the couch on YouTube. (And check out the Johnnyswim t-shirt he's sporting in that!  :-) )  Then back on Facebook, he's posted Live From The Couch #8 - Bat Shit Crazy. And don't forget that if you are in LA (or will be), Bruce is playing  at Hotel Cafe on August 1 with Edward Rogers. Tickets are available here.

[JUL 30] I think that brings us to YouTube. I think we'll do some ballads this week.  :-) Let's start with Be Myself Again live in 2008, then Anyway At All from Jay Leno, Heaven's Just A Whisper Away from Live At The Apollo,  Worth The Wait live from the mid-90s, Starting Over Again from the Eddie Rabbitt Special, and the ballad version of I Will Live For Love live with the Nashville Chamber Orchestra.

[JUL 23] Greetings all! Let's start off with The Donna Summer Musical. As you know, it will run at the La Jolla Playhouse in La Jolla, CA from November 7 to December 10. If you can get a group of 10 or more together, then you can get tickets starting as low as $48 each.

[JUL 23] In the everybody loves Donna category, The Guardian ran an article about gay stars and the artworks that changed their lives. I Feel Love has a prominent spot in that article.  :-)

[JUL 23] Remix fans - Devotion has posted a bunch of Donna mixes on The site works just like Soundcloud.

[JUL 23] Bruce Sudano fans - check out the July 17 issue of OX HC Magazine (downloadable online.) It's got a nice interview with Bruce. And then head over to Facebook where Bruce is live on his couch again. This time it's a new song called Damn Lonely On The Road.  And if you are in Los Angeles (or will be) - catch Bruce at The Hotel Cafe on August 1 with Edward Rogers.

[JUL 23] I think that brings us to YouTube. Let's do some early stuff.  :-) There is O Segne Gott Mein Seel from Godspell (it's a slideshow set to what sounds like a slightly sped up copy of the song), The Flesh Failures from Haare, Sally Go Round The Roses (audio only), If You're Walking Alone and the flipside, Can't Understand, (both audio only), Black Power, and Meglio Stasera.

[JUL 16] Happy Sunday all! I hope you had a good week. Ok let's start off with some odd iTunes chart news. The On The Radio album is on on the iTunes Top Albums chart. It was first spotted at #91 then it was next seen at #84. Then it was #62 and just now I saw it at #47. I'm not sure what caused the sudden interest in the album, but I'm sure the $5.99 price tag helped.  :-) The album is iTunes remastered and sounds very good according to several people. On a semi-related side note - they have been playing more Donna songs in my store lately. (And for the record, I have NO control over the music selections there!  LOL)

[JUL 16] Calling all mad voters - is having a poll on who is the real Queen of Disco - Donna or Gloria. They present it as basically a choice between Donna's whole career vs. one anthem by Gloria. As of right now, Donna is winning by a wide margin. (It's probably not a fair competition anyway - too many casual disco fans think Donna recorded I Will Survive so to them it's Donna vs. Donna.  LOL)

[JUL 16] Bruce Sudano fans: DittyTV has made Coney Island Days their video of the week and they debuted it earlier today. And for something more intimate, check out Bruce live from his couch on Facebook with a new song called Walking Down The Road.

[JUL 16] I think that brings us to YouTube.  Let's do a collection of clips that have popped into my email box this week. First up is an interview with Harold Faltermeyer. It's a long one and starting at about the 5 minute mark he talks about meeting Giorgio Moroder then about 6 minutes in he talks about Donna. Then we have an interview promoting the Anthology - it's a nice mix of serious and silly.  :-) Then we have a Reflex Revision mix of Bad Girls, a joint interview with Dick Clark from GMA, a 2008 live version of Love To Love You, and then for good measure a short clip of Donna's Love To Love You rap on the 1999 Today Show concert.

[JUL 9} Happy Sunday all! If you missed the BBC2 The Summer Of I Feel Love special that aired the other day, for the next 23 days you can stream it on demand on the BBC website. Two things you need to know - it does not seem to be region restricted.  It's a UK website and the show plays here in the US. Also, don't be thrown off when you hit play and hear the news at first, the show starts after that. Oh and for a special treat - they got to interview Pete Bellotte too!

[JUL 9] In the Donna is everywhere category, Jean Paul Gaultier has a new fragrance out called Scandal. And the commercial uses clips of Donna's recording of Bad Girls.

[JUL 9] OK wig fans - and I KNOW you are out there!  LOL A while back, Ebony posted a slideshow just for you. It's called "The Very Best of Donna Summer's Hair." I never saw it back in 2012, or at least I don't remember seeing it then ... (May 2012 is kind of a blur still because there was so much going on.) It's a nice look at Donna's hair through the years, but unfortunately they are missing a few fan favorites.

[JUL 9] Bruce Sudano fans - he's posted a new installment of his Live On The Couch series on Facebook. This time it's a new song called Morning Kisses and this time he filmed it early in the morning from his bedside. (It goes with the song though, which is a really sweet love song.

[JUL 9] I think that brings us to YouTube. Let's start off with this clip of Breakaway live in Brazil that someone shared on Facebook this week. :-) Then let's stay in Brazil with 45 minutes of Donna in concert there which includes covers of Do You Wanna Dance and Girl From Impanema (it's actually the source of that first clip of Breakaway), Let's stay in the 90s and  check out 20 minutes of Donna on Maury Povich's show (with cameos from assorted local fans all of whom look very young! lol), and finally the A&E Biography from 1995.

[JUL 2] Happy Sunday all! And July 1 and July 4 to my Canadian and my American friends! (Yes, it's a party in North America this weekend!  LOL) First up - the new Summer Fever Pick is posted. This month we party with Live & More Encore. Wooooooooooo!

[JUL 2] Reminder - tomorrow (July 3)  BBC Radio 2 is airing a special called "The Summer Of I Feel Love" at 10 PM (local time).  BBC Radio 2 does stream online worldwide so we should all be able to hear it - well, unless we are stuck at work without internet access...

[JUL 2] And if you need a little more I Feel Love, has an article (a nice long one!) about the  song and about Donna's and Giorgio's careers.

[JUL 2] Bruce Sudano fans - if you are in Los Angeles (or will be) , you can catch Bruce August 1at The  Hotel Cafe with Edward Rogers. For those of use who can't get to the show, well there is always  the Facebook series of Bruce live on his couch. #4 is With Angels On A Carousel.

[JUL 2] Johnnyswim fans: check out their performance on the Penzoil Garage Sesssions. And then go read the interview with the pair on the Sioux City Journal website.

[JUL 2] Brooklyn Sudano fans: As you know she was on the series Taken which recently wrapped u it's first season. (She kicked some butt on that too! Action hero Brooklyn!  LOL) The good new for Taken fans is that the series is coming back next year. The bad news is that they have a new show runner who is making some major changes. So the entire cast except for Clive Standen and Jennifer Beals has been given the boot.  So now we'll just have to wait for Brooklyn's next project.

[JUL 2] I think that brings us to YouTube. Oh let's just join the club and have a little I Feel Love party.  :-) So we have the video, the robot dance live clip, and a 2008 live performance.  Then in honor of July 4, we have  Livin' In America, God Bless America, and The Star Spangled Banner.

[JUN 25] Happy Sunday and Happy Pride Day for those cities that had their celebrations today. :-)  Let's start off with some I Feel Love. It is (of course!) one of Gay Times' 60 most important Gay anthems. And MixMag is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the song (God, that makes me feel old!  lol) with a special feature about the track.  Then on July 3, BBC Radio 2 is airing a special, "The Summer Of I Feel Love", at 10 PM.

[JUN 25] If you need a short break from I Feel Love, check out the  playlist created for Billboard's 30 Days Of Pride Initiative by Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters.  Obviously he's a fan because he included Lucky and that's a pretty deep cut for a casual listener to come up with.  ;-)

[JUN 25] On to Donna Summer Day in Boston. As you know the annual Roller Disco party was held Friday and it looks like a  good time was had by all.  The evening  featured a message from Bruce and a live performance by none other than the Real Diva herself, Mary Gaines Bernard. The performance was broadcast on Facebook live by fan Nick Petrone (and a few others as well).  You can also catch a little of soundcheck on Instagram.

[JUN 25] Speaking of Bruce, he's posted another live performance from his couch on Facebook. And then on Instagram, he's posted a couple of poems and a photo of the really beautiful place he's hanging out in today.

[JUN 25] Johnnyswim fans - the pair are still on tour until November. (Then they will probably just take a nap and hit the road again.  LOL)  I got to see them last night in Westhampton for the first time in awhile and I have to say that a Johnnyswim show is NOT to be missed if you can possibly help it.  You guys already know the music is good,  but the energy of a live show just adds so much more. The pair have obvious chemistry with each other and with the audience. They try to make it like one big family get together and that really works. And the last encore was both sweet and funny. They did a sweet song at the end that was the perfect closing number and then at the end of the song they started to improvise and got really silly.  And of course they brought out little Joaquin at the end. He's got the bowing and blowing kisses to the audience thing down pat.  :-)

[JUN 25] OK I think that brings us to YouTube. I've been seeing a lot of rainbow pics on my Facebook feed lately, so that's kind of put me in the mood for this one. Then we have Be Myself Again live,  Don't Cry For Me Argentina, Smile live, and then we'll go uptempo with a little Fame.

[JUN 18] Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there! Let's start off with Donna's Instagram. If you haven't seen it in awhile, go check it out. They have been posting lots of interesting pictures and usually in a very creative way. It works better if you actually just look at her page as a whole instead of just seeing the individual posts as they come up in your feed.

[JUN 18] Reminder: This coming Friday (June 3) is the Donna Summer Roller Disco Party in Boston. The event takes place at City Hall Plaza from 6 PM to 10 PM. The event is free and will feature lots of tunes spun by DJ Roy Barboza, a performance by Mary Gaines Bernard, and appearances  by Omega Red and any other family members what happen to drop in. Don't have skates? Don't worry. They have free skate rentals on a first come first served basis.

[JUN 18] Johnnyswim fans - the pair are on tour from now until November with something like 2 billion dates lined up. (I might be exaggerating just a tiny bit, but there really are a lot of dates scheduled.  :-) ) Most of the dates are USA/Canada but there is a block in September for parts of Europe. Find a date neat you and grab some tickets! Personally, I am excited because they are FINALLY playing near me on a night that I don't have to work. Westhampton here I come!  :-) And just a heads up - Johnnyswim is filming a video for First Try at their show tonight, so we can probably expect to see that fairly soon.   :-)

[JUN 18] Bruce Sudano fans: check out this review of 21st Century World. Then head over to Facebook and catch his performance "live on the couch" of When Cinderella Dies. Then go see Bruce's Instagram for more on When Cinderella Dies and other things.  :-)

[JUN 18] That brings us to YouTube. In honor of the Roller Disco Party Friday, let's run some clips from the previous parties.  This is a long one from last year - stay with it to the end to see the family onstage. Here's another from last year with a message from Mimi (she phoned in to the party). Then we have one from 2015 with Rainere Martin (Legends In Concert)  performing as Donna, and Omega Red performing Angel at the 2014 party. And then just for fun - here is the diva herself on The Queen Is Back (live in Brooklyn.)

[JUN 11] Happy Sunday all! Let's start off with this announcement from Donna's official Facebook page.

"Hey everyone, a few things...

Yes we absolutely intend to release rare recordings & video footage, coffee table books, strawberry jam, balloons & birthday cakes etc etc so please stay patient. Managing an estate properly is something that takes time & strategy. We want a lasting legacy, one that honors Donna.
Brooklyn is currently in prep & pre production for what will be an amazing documentary... & we're also in the final stages of prep for the opening of a show on Broadway
that's been in the works for a couple of years. If we're being honest, the Broadway show has eaten a significant chunk of our time & energy (it's gonna be bananas though).

But these things take time. Oh & will soon have "official" merchandise ... (more information on that coming soon).

In any event, please understand, these things are not easily accomplished. We know that images of Donna might get a bit tiring (not so sure how that's possible ) but lets be honest, for the most part that's why social platforms exist.

Oh & one last thing, we promise we have seen the "It's Donna Day" video messages... so at this point maybe we're all good in that department.

Signing off for now. Please know that we are Blessed by you all & absolutely appreciate your love & support. We really do!"

[JUN 11] In other things to look forward to, Dan Fogelberg's website has announced that the all-star tribute CD to Dan will be out for Thanksgiving (the end of November).  As you may remember, Donna recorded Neverland for that project, so now we should FINALLY get to hear it!

[JUN 11] Bruce Sudano fans - if you aren't following him on Instagram, you should be. He's been posting a series of video clips where he talks about - well whatever he wants. The clips there are about his early days and about the new album. And since it's Instagram, all the clips are short, so you can check them out at work without your boss catching on.  ;-)  You can also see Bruce on Facebook performing  from his livingroom.  This week he posted a song called True Believer.

[JUN 11] For you fans of the Sudano girls - as you know, Amanda is on perpetual tour as half of Johnnyswim, and Brooklyn is celebrating the success of her series Taken (and hopefully gearing up for season 2!) In addition, the sisters teamed up for a promotion for Panthere de Cartier. The first video from that promotion is out now and you can see it on YouTube. (You won't see the Sudano ladies until about 40 seconds in.) You might just recognize the music that they use in the ad too.  ;-)

[JUN 11] I think that brings us to YouTube. It's Tony night here, so let's check out some theatrical Donna. First up, her cover of Don't Rain On My Parade  (from Funny Girl). Then we have Don't Cry For Me Argentina (from Evita), a brief 2009 clip of Aquarius/Wasserman (from Hair/Haare),  My Life and Begin Again (from Ordinary Girl which Donna hoped to bring to Broadway),  I Will Live For Love (from another musical Donna was working on), an audio clip (that sounds like it's been speeded up a little)  of O segne Gott mein Seel (from Godspell) , Someone To Watch Over Me (from Ok Kay and Crazy For You), The Impossible Dream (from Man Of La Mancha) and a Soundcloud clip of No Ordinary Love Song (from Ordinary Girl).

[JUN 4] I feel like I should start off by saying something to the people of London in light of yesterday's attacks. But instead I think I want to speak to the perpetrators. Yo - whoever you think you are...  what did you hope to accomplish by attacking London? Read a history book - Hitler found out that you absolutely cannon break London's spirit. So pack it in already, you will not win.

[JUN 4] Moving on to the land of fun things - it's a new month, so it's time for a new Summer Fever Pick. This month we have a case of Mistaken Identity.  :-)

[JUN 4] Bruce Sudano fans - check out his Instagram. He's posted a couple of videos recently that are worth checking out.  :-) He's also posted a new song on Facebook and a performance of Your World Now on YouTube.

[JUN 4] Bruce was on Kick Out The Jams with Dave Marsh on SiriusXM's Spectrum this morning. the show reairs Tuesday at 12 AM (eastern). And you can read a new interview with him on

[JUN 4] I think that brings us to YouTube. In honor of the new Summer Fever pick, lets do some Mistaken Identity tracks. First up is Work That Magic from UK TV,  Heaven's Just A Whisper Away from Showtime At The Apollo, liveandmore's fan videos for Get Ethnic and Fred Astaire, and Friends Unknown from the Walk Of Fame ceremony.





Quote Of The Week:

[AUG 13]

"In Nashville, nobody forgets their roots. They are able to go play in a small club and nobody makes a big deal out of it. I like being here. It gives you a chance to be human."

- Donna Summer, Billboard, September 3, 1994

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