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Last update: December 1, 2019

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Donna Summer: She could sing anything, anywhere, with anyone, at any time.



[DEC 1] Greetings all and Happy December!  Of course since it's a new month, it's time to change the Summer Fever Pick, and if you think it would be anything but Christmas Spirit this month... well then you must be new here. :-)

[DEC 1] First things first - CONGRATS to Johnnyswim! Amanda and Abner have just welcomed their third child! Full details have yet to be announced, but if you head over to the @Johnnyswim Instagram and click on their story called #3, you will get a brief glimpse of the new little Swim. (If you see Abner talking about  Black Friday deals, then that's the right video. And then if you are like everybody else on Instagram, you will go back through all the recent Johnnyswim photos to see how Amanda hid her belly.  LOL)

[DEC 1] Moving on to the business side of Johnnyswim - they are having Black Friday sales on their site thru Cyber Monday. It's 25% off most things and they have  "Mystery Boxes" where for $50 you get $100 worth of  random Johnnyswim merchandise. (Yes they do ask for your size, so your items will fit. :-) )

[DEC 1]  Bruce Sudano fans - he has another concert date lined up. This one is April 9 at the Manship Theatre in Baton Rouge, LA opening for the Zombies.  If you are in that area (or will be) go check out the show! Now if you need a little Bruce fix right now - check his Facebook live on the couch video for In A Stormy Season.

[DEC 1] In musical news,  Lifetime Channel's Lifetime Morning Show is doing their 6th season of Broadway Balances America, and coming up on December 10th (and 31st) at 7:30 AM, they will feature Summer: The Donna Summer Musical. If you can't catch it on TV, keep an eye on their YouTube channel. Previous episodes are posted there (along with a bunch of their other segments.)

[DEC 1] Moving on to the Queen herself, Donna got a mention when Kelly Rowland appeared on Andy Cohen's show.  Rowland would love to do a Donna Summer biopic!  So somebody needs to make that happen!  LOL

[DEC 1] I think that brings us to YouTube. Let's start with one that has been making the rounds a lot lately - Addicted To You.  This is actually a fan mix made from 2 clips released by Nathan DiGesare a couple of years ago. Let's see where YouTube takes us from there.... next up Donna on David Foster & Friends with Seal.  Up next is a video by Suecase Hall remembering Donna, Donna on Oprah, Donna with Rona Barrett in 1978,  and finally a 2004 interview promoting The Journey.

[NOV 24] Happy Sunday all and Happy (almost) Thanksgiving to my American friends! Let's start off with Summer: The Donna Summer Musical. The 3 touring Donnas made an appearance on Access Daily this week to perform Hot Stuff.  It unfortunately didn't air everywhere due to the impeachment hearings, but the show did tweet out the clip of the performance, so you can see it right here.  :-) Then you can catch Diva Donna Dan'yelle Williamson on the West Of Broadway Podcast. The tour closes tonight  in Hollywood then the cast gets a much deserved break for the Thanksgiving holiday before they get San Francisco up dancing on December 3.

[NOV 24] Speaking of the musical, the Brazilian production has announced 2 of its Donnas:  Karin Hils and Jeniffer Nascimento. Welcome to the family ladies!

[NOV 24] Mary Gaines Bernard fans - don't forget she is doing her annual concert on December 31 to celebrate her sister's life and career. It is, as always, at the Old School Square in Delray Beach, FL.  Be there!  :-)

[NOV 24] Bruce Sudano fans:  his single The Garden Of November had debuted this week on Ditty TV.  For those who don't know, Ditty TV is a streaming music TV station that you can watch on your computer, smartphone, smart TV, TIVO, Roku, etc.

[NOV 24] I think that brings us to YouTube.  I think in light of all the stuff we Americans will be eating Thursday, we're gonna need a little exercise! So this week let's dance with Donna.  Let's warm up with some robot moves on I Feel Love. Then we have She Works Hard For The Money live at the Grammys,  then we can pick up the pace a little with Romeo live, then kick it into high gear with a classic performance of Hot Stuff. (Bonus points if you have a leopard print skirt to wear!  LOL) By that time you will need to catch your breath, so the slow to fast pace of Last Dance should help you out.  :-)  Of course if you don't want to dance and would rather just look at some eye candy with your music - there is always Donna performing Enough Is Enough with Westlife.  ;-)

[NOV 17] Greetings all! I guess we can start with the musical this week.  You guys in Brazil will be happy to learn that you will get to see Summer: The Musical some time next year. has an article announcing a casting call for the show, so hopefully we will be hearing more soon.  :-)

[NOV 17] Moving on to Bruce - he's got a video now for his new song, In The Garden Of November. Check it out on

[NOV 17] In Johnnyswim news, new dates are on sale now  for their tour with Lauren Daigle.  Check out their website for ticket info, and maybe even to score some  VIP meet & greet passes.

[NOV 17] Now here's someone I don't get news about often enough - Brooklyn Sudano. :-) She's scored herself a pilot for a show called Last Summer which will be a thriller from Freeform. You can read more about it here,  but it is described as a story that takes place over 3 summers about 2 girls - one who is abducted and one who transforms from awkward outlier, to most popular girl in town, to most despised person in America. Each episode will be told from the point of view of one of the girls. It sounds interesting - can't want to check it out.  :-)

[NOV 17] I think that brings us to YouTube.  Let's start off with a mix that people have been talking about lately - Love On & On the original mix. Next up is  the lost song Ordinary Miracle,  a live acoustic vaulted track called So This Is Lonely, the Ordinary Girl song, No Ordinary Love Song, Donna's live cover of Georgia On My Mind, and finally the unreleased Crayon's track, Run With It.

[NOV 10] Happy Sunday all! And happy Veteran's Day to all the vets out there! Thank you for your service.  :-) Let's start off this week in the land of covers. I mentioned last time that Sam Smith has recorded I Feel Love and that this cover would be used in Target's holiday ads. Well, the holiday ads have started and holy cow, I have heard I Feel Love about a million times already! (And I don't even watch a lot of normal TV.  LOL)

[NOV 10] In musical news, Summer: The Musical is playing the Pantages Theater in Hollywood until November 24. If you are out that way go check it out. And everybody can check out this video celebrating opening night in Hollywood.

[NOV 10] Bruce Sudano fans - check out this clip he posted on Facebook of True Believer filmed at the LOLA concert this past week. Brooklyn Dreams fans can spot Eddie Hokenson on the stage too. Rounding out the crew are Steve Addabbo and Andrew Zehnal.

[NOV 10]  I think that brings us to YouTube. In honor of the Summer Fever Pick, let's look at some of the songs from I Remember Yesterday. First up, Can't We Just Sit Down live. Then we have Love's Unkind live,  Take Me live, I Remember Yesterday live,  and of course I Feel Love live. And finally we have the alternate studio version of Can't We Just Sit Down that turned up unexpectedly on the remastered album a couple of years ago.

[NOV 3] Greetings all! It's a new month so you know that that means - time for the new Summer Fever Pick. This month we look back to I Remember Yesterday.

[NOV 3] Ok, Bruce Sudano fans check out his new single In The Garden Of November available at all the usual places (Spotify, ITunes, Amazon, etc). If you want to catch him live,  he'll be in New York City November 5, Washington DC on November 6, Stamford, CT on November 7 to 10 and then next year he'll be On The Blue Cruise in Miami, FL April 1 to 8. Ticket info for all of those shows is here. And you can watch a Facebook video of him listing al the dates. And speaking of Facebook videos, Bruce was live from the couch with In A Stormy Season.

[NOV 3] Moving into the land of covers, there is a new cover out there of I Feel Love by Sam Smith.  According to Rolling Stone, it will be used in Target's holiday campaign. (The article also includes the song so you can check it out for yourself.)

[NOV 3] I think that brings us to YouTube.  I was sent a couple of clips in my email this week, so I'm gonna start with them and see where that leads me. First up an interview for Entertainment Las Vegas Style (including some performance clips),  Donna and Bruce Roberts talking about (and performing) Whenever There is Love from 1996, that lead me to Donna on Arsenio Hall in 1989,  which lead me to Anyway At All on Jay Leno,  and that lead me to Try A Little Tenderness with Joss Stone in 2005. And finally in honor of the Sam Smith cover, I think we should take a look at the original I Feel Love. (Do your best robot dance as you play it!  LOL)






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[DEC 1]

"My career is what I do for a living. My family and my friends and the people that I love -- they are my life.”

-- Donna Summer, Genre August, 1999

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12/31 to 1/5/2020 Seattle, WA

1/7 to 12/2020 Tempe, AZ
1/15 to 26/2020 St. Louis, MO
1/28 to 2/9/2020 Denver, CO
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