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Last update: February 25, 2024

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[FEB 25] Happy Sunday all! Let's start with the Japanese Singles collection coming to Amazon (paid link) on March 1. It looks like a 2 cd plus 1 dvd set along with  booklet.

[FEB 25] In other release news (of a sort), Donna's official Instagram posted a "new" clip of Donna at the piano singing My Baby Understands. If you saw the documentary, you will recognize that this clip was filmed at the same time as the one they used of Two Kids Playing In An Alleyway.   :-)

[FEB 25] As some of you have probably heard, Beyoncé came out with a country song. In fact, she is being hailed as the first African-American woman to hit number 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.  Why this matters on a Donna Summer page is that because of the attention Beyoncé is getting for this, some people have figured out that Donna was the first African-American woman to co-write a number 1 country single.  That song was, of course, Starting Over Again that was taken to #1 by Dolly Parton back in 1980. The NY Post published an article the other day talking about this.  It's nice to see Donna getting her props.  :-)

[FEB 25] Larry Flick (you remember, "There are divas and then there is Donna Summer")  wrote a beautiful article on substack the other day remembering Donna. It's a piece about their friendship and it reads as a wonderful love letter to Donna.  This one should definitely be on your "to read" list.  :-)

[FEB 25] Back in Kanye news again.... The saga of his song Good (Don't Die) is not over yet.  Having pulled the song because of allegations of unauthorized samples (and yes I'm trying to write this in an innocent until proven guilty kind of way  LOL) , Spotify has put the song back.  I suspect some lawyers are going to be earning some serious money soon.  Ugh. I would also like to point out that while I don't think there is a huge amount of money in streaming (for the artist that is...), there is some money involved.  So take that info and act as you see fit.

[FEB 25] Moving on to Bruce. He performed at Folk Alliance last week, and one of the songs he did was Starting Over Again. You can see the video on Facebook and make sure you listen to his introduction to the song.

[FEB 25] Also in Bruce news, his album Talkin' Ugly Truth Tellin' Pretty Lies is out on March 1. (It's also available for pre-order at Check out his video plugging the album on Facebook.

[FEB 25] In Johnnyswim news, their latest Songs With Strangers is up on YouTube. It's a song called Good Enough For Me.  Tomorrow they should be posting a new episode of Swim Or Die where they make merchandise which will be available on their website.

[FEB 25] That brings us to YouTube.  First up Q's Reflected remix of Reflections.  Then we have Donna singing Starting Over Again, and a short clip of her in the studio singing the same song.  Up next is the My Man Medley/The Way We Were live in Japan, Donna on the Rosie O'Donnell Show, and finally, a video looking at the Kanye situation.

[FEB 18] Happy Sunday all! Let's get the annoying stuff out of the way first. Kanye West.  As you know, he has been accused of using Donna's I Feel Love without permission.  Well, since that came out last week, Spotify has removed the song in question, and so has Apple. (Actually Apple deleted the whole album for a time, but I wonder if they had to do that to remove the track?)

[FEB 18] So in fun news,  some of the Grammy red carpet footage with Bruce and the girls turned up. They were asked about a potential biopic and Bruce said they were actually looking into a doing a limited series instead because that would give them more room to explore Donna as a musician and as a person.  There are no emojis big enough to represent the grin on my face at the thought of a limited series!

[FEB 18] Record Store Day 2024 is coming up on April 20 and this year's Donna release will be a vinyl called Many States Of Independence.  This is a 12" single with 8 mixes of State Of Independence. You can see the full list on the Record Store Day website.

[FEB 18] Moving on to Bruce - he just released his acoustic version of Bad Girls with his Italian band.  Catch the video on YouTube, and the single in all the usual places (Spotify, Apple, Amazon, etc). And don't forget, his new album, Talkin' Ugly Truth Tellin' Pretty Lies is due out on March 1 - which is right around the corner.

[FEB 18] In Johnnyswim news, individual tickets for their upcoming show at the Ryman on April 29 are on sale now. Grab them while you can! They will sell out fast! This is part of the Diamonds 10th anniversary celebration, and most of the VIP tickets are sold out already.

[FEB 18] They have also released a new single - Como Fue (which they did on a new music Monday) backed with Tomar El Mundo (which is the new Spanish version of Take The World.)  And yes, I'm showing my age when I say one song is backed with another.  LOL You can find both tracks in all the usual places you get your music.  Oh and a bit of trivia for you - the cover art features Abner's parents on their wedding day.  (Abner looks so much like his dad!)

[FEB 18] I think that brings us to YouTube.  First up Donna's acoustic versions of On The Radio and Bad Girls.  Then we have an unreleased song, So This Is Lonely, the rehearsal footage of I Don't Wanna Work That Hard,  and Worth The Wait live.

[FEB 18] And finally - I am doing my MS Walk again this year. If you are interested in donating, my link is here.

[FEB 11] Happy Sunday all! Let me start with one time sensitive item for Johnnyswim fans before I move on to Donna. They are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Diamonds this year in Nashville on April 27 to 29. Now regular tickets for these events are not on sale yet, BUT there are VIP packages on sale NOW that are selling out fast. All the packages get you access to all 3 shows and each package has some amazing perks to go with them. (A tour of Nashville guided by Johnnyswim anyone? ) Check out the packages here, and if you are interested don't wait to make your purchase! They will all be sold out before you know it.

[FEB 11] On to Donna and you all know the big news is that she was given her long overdue Lifetime Achievement Grammy. Now, that was not televised as those awards were given out at a special ceremony the day before the Grammy Awards. (Although, all the winners of the Lifetime Achievement and other Special Merit Awards were announced on the main broadcast. Having said that, camera phones are everywhere, and yes there is video footage from the Saturday ceremony. Bruce posted the footage of him and his daughters accepting Donna's award on YouTube. There has also been a video filmed by Brian Edwards (that also includes the video that was shown at the awards ceremony) circulating all over Facebook. LPJ_IS_KOOL has posted that video on his YouTube channel.

[FEB 11] If you want to see photos from Grammy weekend, Getty Images has some from Special Merit ceremony, and some from the Grammy red carpet.  I would like to point out that on Grammy night, Amanda wore one of her mom's dresses. And at the Special Merit Awards, Brooklyn wore one.  Now I just want to clarify that the dress Brooklyn wore was altered, so it looks a little bit different on her than it did on Donna. The neckline was adjusted a but and she wears it shorter than her mom did. But it IS Donna's dress. That had been confirmed multiple times. The family was also interviewed on the red carpet - I know some people saw it on the LA feed, but I haven't found any interview on YouTube yet.  Oh, and if you want to see the program for the 2024 Grammys, you can view it here. There is a page in there for Donna.

[FEB 11] Half the fun of watching the Grammys this year was watching Amanda's and Brooklyn's Instagram accounts. (And it is unfortunate that the stories go away after awhile.) You never saw any of them on camera during the Grammy broadcast because they were way up in the high seats. Some posts that are still there though are Brooklyn's post with a bunch of photos, and Amanda's post where she talks about how her mom never displayed her awards.

[FEB 11] In other Donna news, She is on the cover of the February edition of Arte Magazine in Germany.

[FEB 11] In less fun news, Kanye West has been accused of sampling songs without permission. Apparently Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have issued a cease and desist for use of a sample from a Black Sabbath song, and today Donna's estate posted that I Feel Love was used despite them actually denying permission to use it.  Bruce posted this on his Facebook page, and it was on Donna's Instagram stories as well. (It's also being reshared all over Facebook - if you are in any of the Donna groups you won't be able to miss it.) You can read more at,, and probably a whole bunch of other places. has a clip from the song in question, Good (Don't Die).

[FEB 11] Let's go back to Johnnyswim again.  They are performing in Los Angeles on Valentine's Day and it looks like the show will be streamed on You have the option to buy a "ticket" to the show for 14.99, or you can buy a monthly subscription that gives you access to all the other things VEEPS offers. Also they will have a new video up on YouTube tomorrow. This time it will be an episode of Say Grace, so prepare to start drooling over the food!  LOL

[FEB 11] Moving on to Bruce... On February 16, he is releasing his acoustic version of Bad Girls.  He posted a reel on Facebook to announce it. Check that out here.

[FEB 11] I think that brings us to YouTube.  Let's start with the official video for I Feel Love because that is the song in the news right now. Then we have Macarthur Park live  in 1978,  Last Dance from 1978, Hot Stuff from Dinah Shore, Love To Love You Baby, She Works Hard for The Money live at the Grammys, the videos for This Time I Know It's For Real and I Will Go With You, and Dim All The Lights from Live & More Encore. And if you are wondering why I picked those clips - well all of them (and more) were used in the video the Grammy Awards showed when they gave Donna the Lifetime Achievement Award.  :-)

[FEB 2] Happy Friday all! It's a new month so that means it's time for the new Summer Fever Pick. This month we are looking at All Systems Go.  (And if the groundhog was right this morning, we are All Systems Go for  an early Spring this year!)

[FEB 2] It's pretty quiet this week probably because it's Grammy Week. As you know, Donna will be given a Lifetime Achievement Award at the non-televised Special Merit ceremony tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon. Hopefully she (and the other recipients) will get a mention on the Grammy Awards Sunday night.  UMG congratulated their winners on the UMG Instagram page.

[FEB 2] In the Donna's music is everywhere category, Hot Stuff was used prominently in the Netflix show, Griselda.

[FEB 2] Johnnyswim fans - on Monday they posted the new song Alchemy for New Music Monday.  Go check it out now it you missed it. I think they are due for another New Music Monday this week... (January had 5 Mondays, so they had an extra one.)  An don't forget you can see them live in Los Angeles on Valentine's Day where if you are lucky, you might get to hear the new songs live. You will also be able to grab some of the merch they made in their Swim or Die video.

[FEB 2] I think that brings us to YouTube. It's Grammy week, so let's go with that.  First up, Donna opening the 26th annual Grammy Awards with She Works Hard For The Money. Next up is Donna winning Best R&B Vocal Performance for Last Dance, Donna and Andy Gibb presenting Record Of The Year, and of course Donna's medley of Song Of The Year nominees with Kenny Rogers.

[JAN 27] Happy Saturday all! Let's start with Donna. iHeart Radio is doing their music awards on April 1. They are asking fans to vote for their favorites in the various categories and Love To Love You Donna Summer is nominated for Favorite Onscreen. You can place up to 50 votes per day, and it will let you put in all 50 for the same thing at the same time if you want to.

[JAN 27] In the land of Donna Summer is educational now (LOL), actress Da'Vine Joy Randolph told The Daily Show that she listened to Donna's interviews to learn how to do a Boston accent for her role in The Holdovers.

[JAN 27] Bruce Sudano fans - catch him on tour with The Zombies April 11 and 12 in Florida.  I've seen him on the bill with The Zombies before and it's always a fun show.

[JAN 27] Bruce also added his live on the couch version of Better Than This to his YouTube channel. So if you didn't catch it on Facebook, catch it on YouTube. Also, keep an eye out for new videos. Bruce posted on Instagram that they are filming something.

[JAN 27] Johnnyswim fans - Monday is right around the corner, so you know what that means - a new YouTube video. Last week they did Swim Or Die which featured Amanda and Abner making a ton of new t-shirts, etc some of which is still available for sale on their website. (Some stuff sold out already - you gotta be fast!) I believe this week should be New Music Monday (unless they take a week off because there are 5 Mondays in January.)  Usually new videos drop at 1PM Pacific time.

[JAN 27] I think that brings us to YouTube.  First up, a clip I never saw before of Donna presenting at the American Music Awards.  This one is from 1976  when Donna was only really know for Love To Love You.  Then we have a 1976 clip of Donna performing Lady Of The Night on TV,  the video for Try Me I Know We Can Make It, Could It Be Magic from The Midnight Special, and a 1976 performance of Love To Love You Baby.

[JAN 21] Happy Sunday all! I guess first up is an article out of the UK  from Far Out Magazine called Donna Summer's  5 Favorite Donna Summer Songs.  It looks like they got the list from a 2018 article from which in turn was pulled from an interview they did in 2008.

[JAN 21] You Radio is an on demand radio streaming service with a ton of different stations to choose from. They have one that is exclusively Donna Summer music. And unlike other services where a "Donna Summer radio" would give you songs by Donna and other similar artists, this one really is ALL Donna.

[JAN 21] In the land of AI is taking over everything  (god help us),  there are a couple of AI Donna clips out there on YouTube.  Now I have experimented with AI visually in Photoshop and have found that the results can be less than stellar. So I wasn't expecting much from these clips when I listened to them. The first is I Will Survive and to me it sounds like what AI thinks would happen if Donna Summer and Gloria Gaynor had had a child together...   LOL The other AI cover is Padam Padam. That one isn't bad actually. But having said that, I'm really not into the whole "let's use AI to make new material from a dead artist." AI  is fun to play with, but it can never recapture that special spark that makes an artist who they are. (And yes, I know that when AI takes over, that will put me on the hit list from our robot overlords. LOL)

[JAN 21] Moving on to Johnnyswim. Tomorrow is Monday, so look for a new YouTube video from them at 1PM Pacific time.  This will be an episode of Swim Or Die and will feature them making new merchandise. The merchandise will drop on their website the same time the video goes live, so if you see something you like, you can grab it.  And speaking of stuff you can buy, They have handwritten lyrics available for sale that will ship in time for you to give them as Valentine's Day gifts.  You pick the song, and if you want it written by Amanda or Abner. I think that's a cute idea for a couple that has a special Johnnyswim song.  Oh! And I almost forgot - they will have signed copies of Diamonds available for the 10th Anniversary of the album.  But here's the cool thing. They will be signing a bunch of empty album jackets that will then be sent back to the factory to be filled and sealed. So the autograph will exist under the plastic, making it a true collector's item. Keep an eye on their site/socials for details.

[JAN 21] In other Johnnyswim news, Amanda and Abner are on the January 17 episode of a podcast called 50 Fires: Money and Meaning.  In it they discuss... money.  LOL  (Obviously - it's in the title of the podcast. LOL) But more specifically, it's about their attitudes to finances and how you make that work in a relationship because let's face it- n two people have exactly the same ideas when it comes to finances.

[JAN 21] Moving on to Bruce Sudano... (the holidays are over and everybody is busy now! YAY!)  So as I have mentioned before, his new album comes out March 1. It's called Talkin' Ugly Truth, Tellin' Pretty Lies and there is a trailer for it on YouTube now.  Also on YouTube, we have a blast from the past with the Joe, Bruce and 2nd Avenue track, We Can Have It All. (Be sure to read the description for the story behind that.) This is the first time the video for the song has been made public.

[JAN 21] Bruce was also on a podcast recently called Out In The Hamptons. Go listen to the whole thing, but one interesting little tidbit that came out was that Bruce has recorded his own version of Bad Girls and that will be released on February 16.  Bruce also talks about a bunch of other things - the Donna documentary, the anniversary of Heaven Knows, the new album...

[[JAN 21] And finally, Bruce has some new representation. He is signed with Black Oak Artists now, so if you are looking to book him that's where you go. Hopefully that means more shows this year!

[JAN 21] That brings us to YouTube. This week I have a bunch of long form clips. First up is Donna live in Japan from 1979. This is an audio only clip is NOT the same as the 1979 Japanese TV video - it's actually much longer than the video and is taken from a different performance. Then we have a 1995 VH1 8-Track Flashback featuring Donna, a 55 minute medley of Donna's hits, and a new upload of Donna's 2008 concert at Jones Beach.

[JAN 13] Happy Saturday all! So we are still getting articles about Donna's Lifetime Achievement Award.  Star Tribune has one, has one, and has one, just to name a few. Now I want to be absolutely clear on this - the Lifetime Achievement Awards are handed out the day BEFORE the Grammy Awards. So all we will see on the main broadcast is a brief mention between awards.

[JAN 13]  Bruce Sudano fans - he was live on the couch on Facebook again this time with his most recent single, Better Than This.  Look for Bruce's new album, Talkin' Ugly Truth, Tellin' Pretty Lies, on March 1.  You can read a little about the album on You can see the cover image here.  (And yes, you do recognize that painting.  we last saw it at the Christie Auction of Donna's stuff.

[JAN 13] Fans of Bruce's older music will be interested in the Goldmine interview with Bruce and Joe Bean Esposito marking the 45th anniversary of Heaven Knows.

[JAN 13] In Johnnyswim news, as you know they have taken on a number of projects.  All of them will be on YouTube and all of them will fall on Mondays. So the first Monday of the month is New Music Monday.  They did that on January 1 with the new song Frank Gehry.  This past Monday, they posted the cooking video Say Grace where Amanda made fried chicken and mac and cheese. ( Fair warning on that one - if you have one of those smart home speakers that answers to Alexa.... well, Amanda set timers for her cooking a couple of times n the video using one of those speakers, and the one at my house heard her on the video and tried to set the same timers. LOL Sure Alexa heard Amanda, but that bitchy little speaker in my office has trouble hearing me when I tell her to turn on the lights!  LOL ) Next Monday will be Songs With Strangers. I think they filmed that yesterday to post on Monday. And then the 22nd they will do Swim Or Die which is where they make merchandise. They have already posted on their Instagram stories that they received the blank shirts, etc and the equipment they need to print them and they have started the work.  The first batch will include shirts that say "Johnnyswim is my girlfriend's favorite band".  They plan to roll out the merchandise online January 22 and they will have some at their Valentine's concerts as well.

[JAN 13] Johnnyswim is also working on a couple of special songs for Valentine's Day. They are doing their own version of the Cuban song Como Fue, and Abner is trying to translate Take The World into Spanish.

[JAN 13] I think that brings us to YouTube. This week let's celebrate the Summer Fever Pick. So first up we have a stampyurfeet video for the title track - featuring lots of cats.  LOL  Then we have Supernatural Love from a 1984 appearance on French TV, the extended mix of Eyes, the official video for There Goes My Baby I'm Free from a TV appearance, and a 1984 performance of Forgive Me.

[JAN 5] Greetings all and Happy Friday! And Happy Birthday Brooklyn! So yes, it's Friday. That's earlier than usual for the weekly update...  Hmmm? Could there be NEWS? Nah...   LOL  But seriously, it was announced today that Donna is being (FINALLY) honored by the Recording Academy (aka the people who hand out the Grammys) a Lifetime Achievement Award during Grammy week.  Now, the Grammy Awards themselves are given out on Sunday, February 4, but Donna's honor is part of the Special Merit Awards that are given out the day before on February 3.  You can see more info on the Grammy site Rolling Stone also has an article, as does, and of course Billboard.  And I am quite sure there will be more articles as the hours go by.  :-)  I can already tell you that my Facebook feed is jam packed with posts celebrating the news.  Gotta love that!  What a great start to 2024 - which, incidentally, is the 50th anniversary year of the release of Lady Of The Night. I think I will spend tonight playing my Donna tunes! (Ok, that's not too different from other Friday nights... but I will have a bigger grin on my face this time.  LOL)

[JAN 5] The other big news this week is Johnnyswim. Now you guys all know that they are no stranger to hard work - in fact they tour so much that I was convinced at one point that there was no way they could possibly remember where their house is. LOL  Well, their big news isn't a tour (yet), but they have a lot coming up.  First of all, after an 8 year break, they have reinstated New Music Monday.  The first one is up now and it's a song called Frank Gehry.  Look for New Music Mondays on the first Monday of every month.

[JAN 5] You can also look forward to more Johnnyswim cooking with Say Grace, The Test Kitchen. These will be shorter "more chaotic" cooking segments.  They are also reimaging Songs With Strangers. You may remember that during COVID, they would write songs based on a conversation they'd have with someone who was a stranger. It was a really creative idea that generated some great songs, so they are going to do that again. You can sign up for a chance to be one f those strangers on the Songs With Strangers website.

[JAN 5] Johnnyswim is also back to creating exclusive merchandise. Once a month they are going to turn their driveway into a "clothing factory" to produce new merchandise.  And I will warn you right now, when you see new merchandise you like - GRAB it! That stuff always sells out fast!

[JAN 5] And finally, can you believe it is the 10th Anniversary of Diamonds? (Yeah, I know 10 years doesn't sound like much to us older Donna Summer fans who are currently celebrating 50, 40, 30, etc anniversaries of albums. But 10 years is a big deal too.) In April, Johnnyswim will be releasing a special edition vinyl of the album, and there will be a big celebration in Nashville from April 27 to 29.  So you guys all know what you have to do now. Subscribe to Johnnyswim's YouTube channel to catch all the new videos, and follow their Instagram for announcements and fun stuff.

[JAN 5] I think that brings us to YouTube.  Well, in light of the Lifetime Achievement Award, I think we should look at Donna's Grammys. She had 18 nominations and 5 wins.  So in chronological order, she picked up trophies for Best R&B Vocal Performance Female for Last Dance, Best Rock Vocal Performance Female for Hot Stuff,  Best Inspirational Performance for He's A Rebel, Best Inspirational Performance for Forgive Me, and Best Dance Recording for Carry On. (You can look at all Donna's nominations on the Grammy site.) And as an extra bonus, here is Donna performing the song of the year nominees with Kenny Rogers, and Donna opening the Grammys with She Works Hard For The Money.  (*Fun fact - back when I started this website - when it was just an experiment on AOL to see how hard it would be to create a webpage - the first bit of news I posted was that Carry On was nominated for a Grammy.)

[DEC 30] Happy New Year everyone! (Well almost anyway...) And Happy Birthday Donna wherever you are! It's just about the new month, so the Summer Fever Pick has been updated. We are opening the year with Cats Without Claws.

[DEC 30] In honor of Donna's birthday, German station  WDR played an hour of Donna today. You can listen to it online on the station's website.  (It played just fine for me here in the US, so I'd say it's not region-locked.)

[DEC 30] Mary Gaines Bernard got together with Nathan DiGesare to make a little holiday video for the fans.  They did O Come All Ye Faithful - Mary on vocals and Nathan on piano. Watch until the end for a special message. (We love you too Mary!) Oh and if you have sharp eyes, look at the artwork hanging on the wall. I think you will all recognize who the artist was.  ;-)

[DEC 30] In the land of things to look forward to - Bruce posted that Christmas Spirit will be released on vinyl for the first time in 2024.

[DEC 30] In the world of covers, REDHOUSE is releasing yet another cover of Donna's music on January 12.  This is a new version of If There Is Music There - this time REDHOUSE will do the singing. (Last time they had Oliviya Nicole doing the vocals.)

[DEC 30] The website has a slideshow celebrating famous New Year's Eve babies. Yes, Donna is included.  :-)

[DEC 30] I think that brings us to YouTube.  Let's celebrate the New Year!  First up, Donna bringing in 2004 on Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve. Then we have Donna ringing in 1994 on Merv Griffin's New Year's Eve special, and Donna ringing in 1977 on New Year's Rockin' Eve.  Next we have a Suecase Hall video New Year's Tribute to Donna, and of course we have to have Donna singing Happy Birthday. I have one more clip for you that I haven't seen yet myself - and for good reason. As of this writing, it's not officially posted yet. LPJ_IS_KOOL has a Birthday Megamix scheduled to go live on YouTube at noon on December 31.  So check this link any time after that.

[DEC 30] So that's a wrap for 2023! Here's looking to a great 2024 for all of us! If you are out partying tomorrow night, take a minute to offer up a toast to Donna on what should have been her 75th birthday.  And if you are like me and not planning to go out any further than your couch (LOL), then play some Donna tunes, or Donna videos.  (Hmmm - maybe I'll watch the documentary again. I haven't hit the double digits on that yet...  LOL)

[DEC 24] Happy Christmas Eve all!  Congrats to Brooklyn and her team for the recent nomination of Love To Love You Donna Summer for a Satellite Award for best documentary.

[DEC 24] BBC Radio 2 has been celebrating disco this month. They have an episode looking at "disco pioneers" Donna and Giorgio. You can listen to that online. (Unlike BBC television, BBC radio is generally not region-locked. I had no problem accessing that here in the US.)

[DEC 24] In release news, we can look forward to a Japanese singles collection on March 1.  There's not much info available yet, just that it will be 2 cds, 1 dvd and a booklet.  It is listed on a few retailer sites already. Here is one at random.

[DEC 24] In Johnnyswim news, they have released a couple of new videos on YouTube recorded at home. They did Pass Me A Pint/Fairytale Of New York, and What Are You Doing New Year's Eve.

[DEC 24] Also in Johnnyswim news, they are featured in an exhibit in the Rock Hall Of Fame. Abner didn't say, but I think they are part of the Right Here Right Now exhibit. They have Abner's hat and guitar and Amanda's dress.  Unfortunately, you can't see it on the Rock Hall site, but it was posted in a reel on Johnnyswim's  Instagram. (Now while you don't see the Johnnyswim case on the Rock Hall site, you CAN see the case with Donna's "Marilyn Monroe" dress on the page I just linked you to. :-) )

[DEC 24] I think that's it for this week. I'll be back at some point next weekend for Donna's birthday.  :-)  But I will leave you once again with my YouTube Christmas playlist.  If Christmas isn't your thing, then just dig out your favorite Donna album and play that.  :-)

[DEC 17] Greetings all! Can you believe Christmas is just a week away?  Keeping that in mind, I'm not sure yet how I will handle next weekend's update. It might be a little early or it might be a little late - I have to see what my schedule is like. If I don't see you before Christmas - I hope you all have a very merry one!  (And if Christmas isn't your jam.... have a great weekend anyway!)

[DEC 17] First up, there is new merchandise at  There is a limited edition pillow that I think will still ship for Christmas IF you get your order in... uh... now.  LOL I think Monday the 18th is the official cut off - at least domestically.  The image they used is the same  black and white image from the documentary promotion.

[DEC 17] Bruce Sudano fans - Bruce is a showcase artist for the 2024 Folk Alliance International conference in Kansas City, MO from February 21 to 25.  Stay tuned to their website for more details as their schedule of events has not been created yet.

[DEC 17] Johnnyswim fans -  check out their website for exclusive Run Club merchandise. (Then keep an eye on their social media to see when Abner announces the next run.)

[DEC 17] Also, you know Amanda and Abner just can't stay off the road for long.  So there are a few upcoming concert dates. I already told you about the Kids Helping Kids event in January, and now there are performances in Los Angeles on Valentines Day, and  the Railbird Music Festival on June 1 in Lexington, KY.  Ticket info for all of these dates is on the Johnnyswim website.

[DEC 17] I think that brings us to YouTube. With Christmas literally right around the corner, I will leave you with my Donna Summer (and family) holiday playlist. As a special bonus, during COVID Johnnyswim did a few concerts Live In The Backyard. One of those was a Christmas concert that was really special.

[DEC 10] Happy Sunday all! And Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate!  First up this week - as you know the Grammy Museum in LA hosted a panel on Donna with Giorgio, Bruce and Brooklyn. Now there is no complete video of this event (darn!), but there are photos. I saw a couple of VERY tiny video clips - but they were posted to a restricted audience on Facebook.  But the people who were able to attend seemed to have a great time.  :-)

[DEC 10] Speaking of a good time, I had forgotten that back in the 90s, Donna reworked Hard For The Money to be used for Monday Night Football. You can see it here.  A few years later, she revamped the song again got McDonald's. (Did somebody say McDonna?  LOL)

[DEC 10] In Johnnyswim news - they had a run club the other day that looked like a lot of fun. Keep an eye on their social media to see when Abner decides to do another one.  :-)

[DEC 10] And speaking of Johnnyswim,  Emea Tribute posted an article on alternative Christmas music to listen to if you are tired of Mariah Carey.  Johnnyswim's Christmas Waltz made the list (righfully so!)  If you haven't already, check out their album A Johnnyswim Christmas. (That's a paid Amazon ink - but you can get it in all the usual places.) Believe it or not, that album is almost 10 years old already. (And Donna's Christmas Spirit is almost 30 years old.... when did we get so old?  LOL)

[DEC 10] I think that brings us to YouTube.  First up, I guess inspired by the clip from Barbra's autobiography, someone posted a clip from Mariah Carey's 2020 autobiography where she talks about Donna and the Divas 2000 event.  So let's just go with Divas 2000. We have Bad Girls, Love Is The Healer and Reflections from that show. And of course there is the finale of Ain't No Mountain High Enough.  Over on YouTube itself (because I had to grab those Divas clips from other places), we have some rehearsal footage and at the very very end you see Donna rehearsing with Diana and Mariah for the Supremes medley. This video also has a bit of that but also with more Donna in the rest of the video.  And as a special non-Donna bonus, here is the Supremes Medley as it actually aired... well sort of. When you watch the video you will see the visual trickery that was used to keep YouTube from really recognizing the clip. That is why it is one of the VERY few Divas 2000 clips actually hosted on YouTube.  I believe the copyright on that show is very aggressively protected and that's why the clips tend to be on less widely known video sites.

[DEC 3] Happy Sunday all!  It's December now so you  know what that means - Christmas Spirit is the new Summer Fever Pick. Can you believe that album is almost 30 years old?

[DEC 3] First up - don't forget that Brooklyn, Bruce and Giorgio will be at the Grammy Museum in LA tomorrow talking all things Donna. If you are in the area, get tickets here.

[DEC 3] In other Donna news, we have all heard the story about Donna falling off her stool when recording Enough Is Enough - Donna told that one many times over the years.  Well, now Barbra is telling the story too. She put it in her new memoir, and now People Magazine is reporting it.

[DEC 3] The BBC has a podcast called Sounds Of The 80s. The most recent one has Pete Waterman as a cohost and he has stories about many of the artists he worked with. You will find Donna at about 1:15:35 and again at 1:30:15. The website says this podcast will only be available for about 28 days.

[DEC 3] Johnnyswim fans - our favorite duo will be performing next month for Kids Helping Kids on January 19 and 20 in Santa Barbara. Tickets are available here.  Also, Abner wants to do a run club in Los Angeles this month. Keep an eye on the Johnnyswim Instagram for details.

[DEC 3] Bruce Sudano fans - he's live on the couch on Facebook again with a new song inspired by his granddaughter, but dedicated to all grandchildren.

[DEC 3] That brings us to YouTube.  First up is a 1994 clip of Melody Of Love that I never saw before.  (Before you ask, the guy they keep showing during the song is a fan who was being surprised with the chance to meet Donna. So I think he was either in shock or scared to death.) Also in the land of fans is this WKTU tribute clip that features comments from a number of fans - some celebrities! We also have a couple of Christmas clips to play while you decorate for the year - Donna on ET promoting Christmas Spirit, another ET clip about The Christmas Song, the promo version of Breath Of Heaven (it omits the spoken intro), and a lyric video for Rosie Christmas.

[NOV 26] Happy Sunday all! I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving (or just a nice Thursday is you don't celebrate!) Here in the US, Thanksgiving marks the official start of the Christmas shopping season (even though Christmas stuff has been in the stores for ages already. LOL)  There are lots of deals to be had this weekend including merch at and at

[NOV 26] Don't forget (if you are in the Los Angeles area) that one week from tomorrrow (December 4) is the big live conversation with Brooklyn, Bruce and Giorgio at the Grammy Museum. Tickets are still available.  I know people keep asking if it will be live-streamed. I don't think so. The Grammy Museum does have a YouTube channel, but it hasn't posted anything in a couple of years.  :-( But a couple of fans are going for sure, so maybe we can get reports from them.

[NOV 26] Canada - Canal D in Montreal will be airing Love To Love You Donna Summer in French. (Not sure if they mean with subtitles or voice overs - I sort of hope they do it with subtitles. Otherwise you might miss some of the "new" music that plays during the film.) Look for that on December 13 at 9PM.

[NOV 26]  That brings us to YouTube.  First up a 40 year retrospective on Donna's music condensed down to about 12 minutes. Some of you may remember that Donna did Hollywood Squares back in 2003 to promote her autobiography. The Donna Summer Archive channel is posting those episodes - 1 each day. As I write this only the first couple are up, but if you check the channel after the 28th, all 5 should be posted. Then we have the video for I Will Go With You that I haven't watched in who knows how long, and the official animated videos for Love To Love You and I Feel Love.  Finally, I see someone has reposted Donna and Barry's Could It Be Magic.  If you know me at all, you know I can't resist posting it again.  LOL

[NOV 19] Happy Sunday all! And Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends who celebrate it! And even if you don't celebrate the holiday, take a moment to be thankful for the good things in your life - however big or small.  (Does that make me sound like Oprah? LOL)

[NOV 19] In the only news of the week, posted an article looking at some of the most impactful live albums. Donna's Live & More album from 1978 is on that list. They cite the facts that the album went platinum and that is started Donna's trifecta of back to back number one double albums.

[NOV 19] And that brings us to YouTube. (Yes, it's a very slow news week!  LOL)  First up, a "new" clip from Fantastico 1979 with Last Dance, preceded by a little clip of Donna performing With Your Love! (Both are the typical lip-syncing that artists have to do for TV shows, but still - how often do you ever get to see Donna perform With Your Love?)  Moving on we have Donna on The View from around Thanksgiving 1999, Donna on Queen Latifah also from around Thanksgiving 1999, and a performance from Summer: The Donna Summer Musical at the Thanksgiving Day Parade. And finally Donna singing Friends Unknown at the Walk Of Fame ceremony.

[NOV 11] Greetings all and Happy Veteran's Day to all who served.  Let's start with the Grammy Museum. On December 4, it will be celebrating Love To Love You Donna Summer with a panel discussion featuring  Bruce, Brooklyn and Giorgio.  They will also be showing clips from the documentary and then there will be a Q&A session.  Tickets are available at, and the event will be held at the Clive Davis Theater in Los Angeles.

[NOV 11] In other documentary news, the Grammy nominees were just announced. Unfortunately, Love To Love You Donna didn't make the final list. But if you want to check out the list of this year's nominees - they are posted here.

[NOV 11] just posted their review of Love To Love You Donna.  I think this article was translated because it frequently uses the wrong pronouns.

[NOV 11] As you probably realize, Barbara Streisand has a new autobiography out called My Name Is Barbra. (paid Amazon link) .  Yes she does mention Donna in it.  :-)  Chapter 33 is called Enough Is Enough and it talked about Barbra's Wet album and how the Enough Is Enough collaboration came about. There is nothing there that we don't already know, but it's really nice to hear it from Barbra's point of view for a change. She did say that Donna was a doll when they met, and that they did get to see each other at David Foster's house not too long before Donna passed.  Barbra ends the chapter by saying that Donna had an amazing voice  and she was a lovely person.  OH! I just discovered that someone posted that chapter of Barbra's audio book on YouTube.  So  go listen to Barbra.  :-)

[NOV 11] Moving on to Bruce, he was live on the couch again on Facebook with another song inspired by the current world situation.  This one is called I Still Believe In You.  You can also catch Bruce on his YouTube channel with a live medley of Ball Of Fire/ Tighter And Tighter/ Bad Girls/ September In Your Eyes. (Sharp-eyed viewers will spot Super Bruce in the background.  :-)

[NOV 11] I think that brings us to YouTube.  First up is a reaction video with a little twist. Instead of just reacting to Hot Stuff, this guy is reacting to the stems from the Hot Stuff recording. So we get to hear (and see him react to) all the various parts of the song - instruments, vocals. It's pretty cool.  Then if you are pressed for time, someone has posted most of the scenes from Thank God It's Friday featuring Donna on YouTube. There is Donna singing a bit of Love To Love You in the DJ Booth, the "listen Mr. Big Shot DJ" scene, the crying in the bathroom scene (it cuts right before Donna tried to put the wig over the wig...  lol), the Last Dance scene,  and the final scene.

[NOV 5] Happy Sunday all! It's a new month so it's time for the new Summer Fever Pick. This month we are working hard for our (no) money.

[NOV 5] Bruce Sudano fans - check out Bruce on Facebook at the piano with I'm A Rainbow. It's not one you usually hear him sing.

[NOV 5] Johnnyswim fans - episode 6 of the second season of In The Kitchen With Abner And Amanda is now streaming on MAX, Discovery and Magnolia. This week they are making Sunday supper with Chicken Marbella, Roasted Feta Fries and Peach Galette.

[NOV 5] In the land of covers, REDHOUSE has covered On The Radio and that will be released in all the usual places on November 10.  Make sure you check it out.

[NOV 5] That brings us to YouTube and I think we should celebrate the Summer Fever Pick.  So first up is the title track from TopPop. Then we have Unconditional Love from a Disney special, an alternate version of Do Believe (I Fell In Love), a Suecase Hall video for Love Has A Mind Of Its Own, and Donna and Onetta talking about the inspiration for She Works Hard For The Money.

[NOV 5] And finally - this Tuesday (November 7) is Election Day here in the US.  If you haven't already early voted (or sent in an absentee ballot), make sure you get your butt out to your local polling place and vote! Make your voice heard!





Quote Of The Week:

[FEB 25]

 "I like to try a lot of different styles and directions because to me, variety is the spice of life, and it would be too boring to continue to sing everything the same way all the time in the same voice. Even when I'm performing on stage, I won't learn the dance steps and apply them in the same place every night. I will learn the steps, and apply them at the appropriate moments when I feel, in whichever song, that it belongs there"

--  Donna Summer, Diamond Hard Music & Entertainment 1996

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